Feature 15.8 04/01/01: A 24 Hour Photo Essay

We’ve picked a rather arbitrary 24-hour period to peek into our photographers’ lives and those of the people around us. April 1 is the day. This will be a global exercise in trust, struggle, and voyeurism. Obviously it would be easy to fake such an experiment and use photographs from any old day of the week, but I would really rather see genuine shots that were taken exclusively on what’s known as “April Fool’s Day” (at least in the Unites States). Realize that this essay is about life’s reality and the beauty that comes from our daily struggle. The subject matter is entirely up to you, so get creative and have fun with this project. If you just can’t make yourself take a photograph, send in a drawing or journal entry from this day, and let everyone know what you do when you’re not doing what you do.

039I was at a Burton shoot in Hemsedal, Norway with Kevin Zacher and Jon Boyer. We woke up the morning of April 1 and shot some photos around the house. This is Boyer. Photo: Rucker

040Shaun White. Photo: KevinZacher.com

041Embry Rucker. Photo: KevinZacher.com

032We went snowmobiling with Burton European Team Manager Rene Hansen, Iker Fernandez, JP Solberg, and Nico Mueller. Photo: Rucker

031Iker Fernandez. Photo: Rucker

023Nicolas Mueller. This was the coldest I’ve ever been shooting snowboard photos. It was freezing and windy as hell. I couldn’t even change rolls of film and cried like a sissy. But those dedicated little bastards hit the jump again and again. Photo: Rucker

012Victoria Jealouse. Pemberton, B.C. Photo: MarkGallup.com

013Jake Burton Carpenter. Pan Pacific Hotel, Whistler, B.C. Photo: MarkGallup.com

014Brian, Jordan, and Logan Savard at home. Photo: MarkGallup.com

015Mike Basich. Whistler dump. Photo: MarkGallup.com

021Photo: MarkGallup.com

022Mike Basich behind the wheel, Brian Savard behind the van. Photo: MarkGallup.com

016A-KThe winds were feisty in Southern Colorado on April 1 as I roamed around some premade booters with Josh Dirksen, Jason McAlister, Joel Mahaffey, Chris Coyle, and Whitey McConnaughy. Dirksen. Cab 540. Photo: ShemRoose.com

027Once we decided it was too windy for hitting jumps, we drove to a small town with a cement skatepark. After skating for about fifteen minutes we started getting harassed by this teenage girl. I think she walked up to almost all of us and asked 100 questions. Photo: ShemRoose.com

028Photo: ShemRoose.com

029The skies were blue, but the only flying happening that day was that of the begging and brave birds swooping around us looking for tiny morsels to peck from our hands. Joel Mahaffey. Photo: ShemRoose.com

A19-22Southern Colorado sunset. Photo: ShemRoose.com

017Owen’s Valley, California. Photo: Torey Piro

177Eddie Wall. Sunset. Photo: Torey Piro

018I had been in Norway shooting with the Burton crew for a week prior to the Arctic Challenge. It was cold and gray, typical Norwegian winter weather. My girlfriend Candice Wilhelmsen was arriving via a train from Oslo. These were my first photos of the day on April 1. Photo: Jeff Curtes

019It was two in the morning, and I found myself wandering alone in the misty train depot of Gol, Norway. Photo: Jeff Curtes

020I liked this moment, a quiet anticipation for my love, a dazed and nearly oblivious headspace of my whereabouts, and solitude in my picture-making. Photo: Jeff Curtes

024I flew to Bella Coola, British Columbia on March 31 for a two-week shoot with Head Snowboards. We awoke on the morning of April 1 to cloudy skies-which meant no flying, or so I thought … Bella Coola Heli Sports’ lead guide “Swede” rallied the troops for a day of hot-spring exploration. We boarded the chopper and flew deep into a remote inlet in search of Eucott Bay Hot Springs. The pilot landed about 50 feet from the tub, and after a relaxing soak, he treated us to a sporty flight back to the lodge, hugging the shore only a few feet above the water at top speed. Chris Winter, Kevin Smith, Darian Boyle, aand Pete Mattsson. Photo: Eric Berger

025La Concha, San Sebastian. Photo: Andoni Epelde

A9Dirt bike contest at Zurriola Beach, San Sebastian, Spain. Photo: Andoni Epelde

A13Lincoln Ueda. San Sebastian. Photo: Andoni Epelde

026Dionne Delesalle moves into his new home in Vancouver, B.C. Photo: ScottSerfas.com

030Dionne Delesalle backflipping a kicker at Mt. Seymour. Photo: ScottSerfas.com

A10It’s sunrise in Phoenix; where else would cactus mailbox decoratives be? Photo: Chris Carnel

A11Awoke to a contact-lens scuffle in the bathroom of the Toth residence-home to legendary BMX ripper Chris Toth. We’ve been in the sprawling city of Phoenix a few days now, but we’re heading to Tucson for a dirt-jumping event. Photo: Chris Carnel

A12I-10 South. A non-skateable ditch, and already hot and thirsty. Photo: Chris Carnel

A15T.J. Lavin. Superman seat grab. Tucson Dirt Challenge. Photo: Chris Carnel

A16There was a guy hiding from my camera at a truck stop, talking loudly to the waitress about not wanting anyone shooting pictures of him. He approached me as I casually walked off toward the arcade and tapped me on the back. “Were you taking photos of me?” “No, I’m just waiting for someone,” I replied. “Better not!” He said, and walked away, sporting a wifebeater and severe sunburn. I left that place as fast as possible and hit the I-40 to Kingman. Photo: Chris Carnel

A17North to Phoenix. Photo: Chris Carnel

A18Road to the BMX event at Old Tucson studios. Photo: Chris Carnel

57A-JVincenz LÅps. Rodeo five. Snowmass. Sequence: Jon Foster

51Joe Curtes at Aspen. We started talking about shots I used to take of them back in the early 90s. Joe and Brushie decided to take turns hitting this stump-we laughed hysterically. Photo: Jon Foster

53After a few runs at Aspen, we went to Snowmass to check out the pipe. European photographer Richard Walch showed up with this German rider, Vincenz LÅps. Photo: Jon Foster

54Aspen local Ryan Lougee. Buttermilk. Photo: Jon Foster

A26Double boardslide-Jeff Brushie and Joe Curtes. Aspen Mountain opened to snowboarders on April 1. Jeff Brushie stopped by on his way home to California from the East Coast, and Joe Curtes drove over to meet us from Vail. Photo: Jon Foster

A27The only other people at the Snowmass pipe were a crew of photographers from Freeze magazine and a couple pro skiers. Photo: Jon Foster

A28Photo: Jon Foster

A29Aspen, the Year 2001. Photo: Jon Foster

35Wille Yli-Luoma. From the time we were given this photo assignment, I began to plan on what I thought would be a great photo-lining up a jump at Mt. Hood Meadows and coordinating with Wille to hit it. I’d even premeditated the camera angles, time of day, and the lighting I felt would give me the best shot. Photo: Chris Owen

36Then, in true April Fool’s Day fashion, the snow and weather went to shit. It warmed up to a balmy 55 degrees and started raining from top to bottom. This is pretty common when you actually have some kind of plan laid out, so we made the best of it. Photo: Chris Owen

37The road to Portland. Photo: Chris Owen

38We basically spent the day cruising around Portland. Wille shot some photos, I shot some photos, and we called it good. Every day can’t be a sunny powder day with a perfect kicker. Photo: Chris Owen

A61-71Max Jenke-physical therapy for an ACL injury at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. Photos: Derek Kettela