Favorite Things Joseph Michael McGuire

Name: Joseph Michael McGuire
Age: 25
Birthplace: Wenatchee, Washington

1. Place to ride?
Mission Ridge, Washington.

2. Movie?
Grand Prix.

3. Rider of all time?
John Bowen.

4. TV show?
SpeedVision News.

5. Food?

6. Music group?

7. Trick?
Rabbit out of the hat.

8. Person to ride with?

9. Form of transportation?
1980 Volkswagen Rabbit diesel.

10. Pastime?
Not having to think of my favorite things.

11. Magazine?
Speed Sport News.

12. Place?

13. Vegetable?

14. Thing?
My kids.

15. Excuse?
“I suck.” 16. Team?
Gannasi team.

17. Game?
The Dutch oven.

18. Person?
My wife.

19. Tool?
My own.

20. Wax?
One Ball Jay chloro-fluoro, ultra-hard soft-base tracer special.