Favorite Things Christian “Gigi” Ruf

Name: Christian “Gigi” RAf
Age: 19
Birthplace: Austria

1. Place to ride?
Wherever it’s good.

2. Movie?
I fall asleep when I watch them.

3. Rider of all time?
Everyone in Europe from ’93 to ’97.

4. TV show?
I watch The Simpsons when I’m home.

5. Food?

6. Music group?
Today I listened to something called the Sneaker Pimps.

7. Trick?
I’ve got a couple in my bag, so whenever.

8. Person to ride with?
My friends when I’m at home.

9. Form of transportation?
Moped and tailfishes.

10. Pastime?
At home, I thought if you cross the mountains, you would be somewhere different. What’s pastime?

11. Book or writer?
I’m reading two books right now, German books-they make me sleepy. One is called TraumfÑnger.

12. Place?
I’m enjoying California.

13. Vegetable?
I don’t talk about that.

14. Thing?
Lawn mower.

15. Excuse?
“I don’t know.”

16. Team?
The Golden Girls.

17. Game?
Schlemm and Scheisse.

18. Person?
We have a dog at home.

19. Chore?
Mowing the grass.

20. Bad habit?