Favorite Things Bjorn Jon Leines

Name: Bjorn Jon Leines
Age: 24
Birthplace: Minnesota

1. Place to ride?
Backcountry in Canada and Utah.

2. Movie?

3. Rider of all time?
Terje Haakonsen.

4. TV show?
The Simpsons.

5. Food?
Ice cream.

6. Music group?

7. Trick?
Nollie backside 180.

8. Person to ride with?
Erik Leines.

9. Form of transportation?
Skateboard, motorcycle, or an Audi S8.

10. Pastime?
Martial Arts.

11. Book?
Tao Te Ching.

12. Place?
A stream in the mountains, in the middle of nowhere.

13. Vegetable?
Beans, the musical fruit.

14. Thing?
My house.

15. Excuse?
Excuses are for pussies.

16. Team?
Green Bay Packers.

17. Game?
Paying the bills on time.

18. Musician?
Jimi Hendrix.

19. Animal to hunt?

20. Skate video?
Zero skateboards’ Misled Youth.