Favorite Things 15.6 Andrew Hetzel

Name: Andrew Robert Hetzel
Age: Mid 60s
Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Beer City).

Place to ride?The resort formerly known as Squaw, AK; freeriding, Washington.

Movie?Road Warrior and Fast Times At Ridgemont High.

Rider of all time?Too many shred-bros to pick just Juan-Paully “drop-knee 360” Johansen, Kenny Hill, Marshal Sanford.

TV show?Lakers v. Kings, Bucks v. Sixers.

Food?Sushi Groove in south San Francisco and breakfast meats.

Music group?Minor Threat, Ghetto Boys, Slayer, Black Flag, Devo, NWA.

Trick?Switch-bangin’ pow.

Person to ride with?Matty Goodman, Circe Wallace, Temple Cummins, Jim Moran, et cetera.

Form of transportation?Polaris and heli.

Pastime?A cool buzz and tasty waves. Skating vert and punk rock.

Book?MĂ®tley CrĂ...e-The Dirt and When Men Are Pregnant.

Place?Punta Cuchillo, Baja Mexico, Costa Rica, Cardiff, and Tahoe.

Vegetable?White corn.

Thing?Riding pow, surfing good waves, and watching NBA.

Excuse?”It looks like milk.”

Team?Sacramento Kings, Bucks, Packers.

Game?Blackjack, hit me.

Person?Hands down, my wife Circe Wallace-one tough and sexy woman.

Contest?Baker Banked Slalom-I got fourth once, and just getting slower.

Idiot?Brett Johnson and Jeff Pettit.