Chuck Barfoot

Chuck Barfoot worked at Sims snowboards during the 1970’s. Chuck worked in the woodshop. In 1981 he branched off and founded Barfoot snowboards and skateboards. Chuck is known to be the pioneer of the first fiberglass snowboards, that also featured a swallowtail, and a flex-fin, much like a surf board. Chuck took his vast surf knowledge and brought it to the snow. He’s also credited as being the pioneer of the twin tip snowboard. So next time you ride your snowboard, think of Chuck. Because if he didn’t put in all that work to design awesome shapes and boards, we might all be skiing…

“Hiking (my first day ever) with Jamie Johnston and Chuck Barfoot in Carson Pass Backcountry”- Bud Fawcett. PHOTO: Bud Fawcett.

To find out more about Barfoot, check out this video from Powder and Rails.