Farmer Snowboards Makes Debut

All Hail!!!! Snowboarders of the world, riders of every ability, those who love to shred the gnar, and especially rippers true to the game….This board’s for you. Farmer Snowboards. That’s right! Shawn Farmer has finally stepped out with his own brand and the word on the hill is these decks are dope.

After a decade and a half of creative thinking and searching for the right ingredients, Farmer Snowboards has come to be. Shawn has been riding for over twenty years and still continues to lay down mind-boggling lines whenever he feels the need. He is pouring his extensive experience into these boards, constantly finding ways to make his boards the best they can be. Farmer Snowboards are built in U.S.A. by Dykema manufacturing, setting the industry standard for quality craftsmanship and superior construction. These boards are made with bomb-proof construction and are built to meticulous tolerances with the finest custom wood cores in the world. Says Farmer, “I’m not trying to talk a bunch of tech crap here. Just ride one of our decks and you’ll know why these boards are so killer. I searched long and hard for someone who knows how to build great boards, and for someone who wasn’t a corporate scumbag. My boards are the best. If they weren’t I wouldn’t put my name on them.

Farmer does more than put his name on them. He designs the graphics, influences the shapes, flex patterns and construction techniques used, and taps the infinite resources of his mind to provide riders with a board they can believe in. Farmer again, “I want people to have a positive experience when they ride my boards. That’s why if a board isn’t built right, doesn’t ride right, is poorly constructed, or isn’t built in the U.S.A., I wouldn’t sell it. Hell, I wouldn’t even give it away…..I’d burn it! I’d burn ninety percent of the boards out there!!!!

Shawn has always been opinionated, but he is also known for telling it like it is. Farmer has pulled some of the gnarlyest lines ever attempted. He has done some of the hugest drops ever. His high-speed full frontal assault style changed the way people attack the mountain forever. Farmer is a power rider who stresses boards and equipment to the absolute limits of time, space impact and pressure. His graphics reflect his unique perspective and the image will never follow the trend. If Fizzsays his boards are the shizz, they are. Farmer concludes, “Snowboarding was invented in America. Why would you want to buy a board from overseas commies? Farmer boards are made in America by Americans for Americans………and the rest of the world.

“Don’t be a pussy………..ride a Farmer Snowboard.

Be on the lookout for Farmer at your local mountain with board demos and Farmer’s famous on-sit freestyle rhyme show.