Faction To Sell Shop, Move To Jackson Hole

Faction is an international clothing brand and a retailer of snowboards, skateboards, shoes and clothing in Seattle, Washington. Today, company President and owner Tim Pogue along with VP and co-owner Stephanie Pogue announced their plans to put the retail operations up for sale and establish a new office in Jackson, Wyoming.

Stephanie had this to say about the decision: “This was a difficult decision to make especially when considering the relationships we’ve formed over the last 4 years, but we feel it is the right decision. The retail operation has experienced rapid growth and international acclaim by establishing strong vendor relationships and offering the highest levels of product quality and service. The clothing brand in one year is heading in the same direction with strong growth in sales and brand recognition around the world. But recently, conflict of interest issues for both divisions and the time requirements of running two different businesses have surfaced as potentially restrictive to our long-term plans. Separately each business has tremendous potential for continued growth and we would rather be great at one thing than just good at two.”

The move to Jackson is strategic as well, as Tim points out in these comments: “What we’re attempting to do with Faction is to create a brand with products that offer style, function and a sense of individualism. We see the consumers in our industry rejecting the stereotypical industry ‘demographic’ of either the “Mountain Dew drinking urban ‘yo’-wanna-be” or as the “back-country Granola crunching hippie”. These over-marketed images have obliterated any sense of the raw punk individualism that shaped this industry. We remain inspired by the skateboarding and snowboarding lifestyle, but we won’t abuse it to push our products on the masses by following the latest industry trends. Being in Jackson will help keep our brand and products true to this mission of creating stealth functional designs that are for use, not for show; and maintain our commitment to the roots of our industry.”

The retail store opened for business in October of 1997 and the clothing brand was established in May of 2000. The Jackson office will be opened on September 4th, 2001. For inquires into the sale of retail operations contact Stephanie Pogue and for inquiries about Faction Manufacturing contact Tim Pogue.