Face Shots

Face Shots

Who's your favorite person to ride with and why?

“Friends, all my friends. They don't intimidate me. I fall and crash a lot, and they don't make me feel uncomfortable getting out there and just going for it.”

Tracey Deadora Ceja

Mammoth Lakes, California

“My dad. He taught me how to snowboard, and, you know, it's like a bonding experience.”

Lisa Wells

Chicago, Illinois

“All my friends in the Harvard University Snowboard Club. We all ride together. Some of them are better than me, and it's good to challenge yourself and ride with people like that. We always have a good time.”

Justin Weiss

New York, New York

“I don't like riding with anyone. I'm a loner. I don't need other people to have a good time, plus they always slow me down.”

Mike Morton

Cleveland, Ohio