Extended Gallery: Absinthe Europe Trip

J-Rob slicing into some swiss bliss in Zinal.
Manuel Diaz making some new Italian friends.
This would never fly in the states, instant pass pull. Things are a little different in Italy - Manuel Diaz show time booter.
Swiss chocolate, Mt Blanc, beautiful sunsets and Jerome Tanon, just a few of the finer things you might come across in Europe.
Justin Hostynek morning commute Cervinia, Italy and yes he is holding a massive tripod.
Hard to believe this was Manuel's first day back snowboarding and filming for the season.
Wolle Nyvelt jumping off an 80 year old stone home in Italy.
This euro trip was all about the air time. Garrett Warnick getting a nice view of Italy.
Epic Absinthe zone in Switzerland. This place is home to many classic shots over the years. Here Manual adds another one to the list as well as the cover shot of the new Absinthe movie “Eversince.”
Last light and last tram at Champery, Switzerland.
Jason Robinson massive Italian straight air. Hard to capture how huge this was in a photo. You're going to wanna check his part in “Eversince” to see this clip.
L-R Jerome Tanon’s infamous blue car, David Vladyka & Justin Hostynek checking shots, Mat Schaer cheese wedging, J-Rob lining up his ollie.
Manuel trading the green room for the white room in Cervinia,Italy.
Worm aka Garrett Warnick bomb dropping off a sketchy half abandoned hotel in Italy.
My vote for rookie of the year - Garrett Warnick, watch out for this guy.
Lucas Debari has one of my favorite switch back fives. Absinthe filmer Shane Charlebois capturing some gold as Lucas catches the last light in Champery, Switzerland.
The boys hiking in the shadows of the backside of the Matterhorn.
Jason Robinson sneaking in one last slash while we were getting kicked off the mountain by Italian ski patrol.
Switzerland to Italy. From the most expensive country to the so called mexico of Europe the boys were stoked to give the pocket books a little break and freshen up the scene with a quick 4 hour drive from Champery to Gressoney.
Manuel Diaz wasting no time on his first day in Italy.
Garrett Warnick house planting in Gressoney.
Mat Schaer sailing over the sun in that epic Swiss light.
Wolle Nyvelt & Jason Robinson heading into the gates of Italian pillow landia.
Garrett Warnick popping shots and pillows.
Meat, cheese, bread, chocolate, snow and mountains. What else could you ask for?
Most epic lodge view ever?
One of my favorite shots from Italy. Classic Wolle Nyvelt natty pillow popper on the last day of our Euro trip.
Crew’d up - The Absinthe “Eversince” Family in Champery, Switzerland.

Photos & Words: Andrew Miller


Last season, around the month of February most of North America was hurting for snow and Europe was the place to be. All it took for me to book a ticket over the pond was a quick text from Justin Hostynek, who had already assembled a crew of Jason Robinson, Manuel Diaz and Lucas Debari, to meet up with two other Absinthe crews already stationed in Champery reporting deep snow and sunshine. We spent the next three weekends jumping the border from Switzerland to Italy enjoying the only the finest swiss chocolate, cheese wedges, Italian pasta and powder, all of which was shaping up to be a classic Absinthe euro trip. Here is quick extended collection of unpublished images from Absinthe Films’ movie of the year, Eversince.

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