Exploring Switzerland: Devun, Iikka, Lauri, & Biittner


TransWorld traveled with the DC team up into the Swiss Alps for a roadtrip to St. Moritz. What a trip! With Devun Walsh, Aaron Biitner and Finnish killers, Iikka Backström and Lauri Heiskari, it was a good show with a few tricky tricks, and lots of shit-talk. Filmers Pierre Wikberg and Anthony Vitale along with Canadian photographer Colin Adair rounded out the media crew on this 2-part mission. The first stop was here in Switzerland, where the crew scoped for rideable snow all over Corvatsch and Furtschellas. Unfortunately, the snow was actually pretty wind hammered, melted and re-frozen, so it kinda sucked, but the scenery and the piste was amazing to see. Among those in the know, Corvatsch is considered one of Europe’s best spots on a pow day: all rollers and rocks and gullies. Well, it wasn’t powdery, but we had fun. After this session, the crew loaded the vans back up and headed to Austria, on the hunt for pow. Stay tuned for coverage from the Arlberg and until then, Here’s a few photos from the day:

photos: muzzey