European Open Halfpipe changed into Corner Jump

Due to lack of snow necessary (natural and artificial) to build a Halfpipe in Fieberbrunn, for the European Open January 9-12, 2001 the decision has been made today to replace this Halfpipe “Championship Event” with a Corner Jump “Open Event”. The Parallel GS race is totally unaffected and will go ahead as scheduled! Other good news is that there will be no loss to TV airtime on any channel including Eurosport. Prize Money – unchanged US$50,000
Entry Fee – unchanged US$100
Dates – unchanged
Level – changed (no points)
Open to – riders with a NSA licence or ISF code
Prize money split top three men – 1st US$ 14,000, 2nd US$ 7,000, 3rd US$ 3,000
Prize money split top three women – 1st US$ 6,000, 2nd US$ 3,250, 3rd US$ 1,500

Format Qualification: Two jumps the best one counts. Best 12 men and 6 women advance to final.Final: Two jumps and the best one counts. Best 6 men and 3 women advance to Super Final.Super final: Three jumps the best one counts. All riders currently on the Start List are welcome to enter this Corner Jump “Open Event”. Fieberbrunn is looking forward to welcoming you all and is making huge efforts to ensure the success of this Corner Jump event. The Corner is planned to be 7 (!!) meters high (Air & Style: 5 Meter) and huge airtime with spectacular tricks are to be expected.

Surf to and click onto Fieberbrunn in order to access the new time table and additional information.