Endeavor Snowboards 03-04 Website Launches

The Endeavor Snowboards 0304 Website has officially launched, being one of the first snowboard companies to launch their 0304 marketing strategy through the web.

The site is one of the most comprehensive and interactive web site in snowboarding. From the pioneered Online PK videos to the Design Behind the Boards to the Media Pages, the viewer is bombarded with pictures, video, reading, and downloads.

“The web is a powerful tool”, says Max Jenke, “it is free to anyone with a computer and limitless in the amount of information you can get out there. That is why we’ve gone heavy with content, as this is the best way for us to show what Endeavor’s about.”

Features to note are the Endeavor Special Store, Team Pages, Design Pages, and Warranty Registration. The Special Store is a place where viewers will be able to purchase limited edition products, such as snowboards with limited colourways, clothing done by artists in the Endeavor Design Group, and other things that we think are cool. The Team Pages are maintained by the team themselves, putting up new media and portfolio material constantly for viewers to watch and download. The Design Pages feature the artists in our group that contribute in one way or another to Endeavor…these pages are hype and will surprise you with what other work the artists have done. The Online Warranty Registration is an area that allows the consumer to register their board online. It is fast, convenient, and ensures that the product is covered by Endeavor.

The site is continually being updated with more downloads, more videos, and more photos. Check back throughout the season to see what’s new at Endeavor Snowboards.

You can check out the site at www.endeavorsnowboards.com.

The Endeavor Snowboards Brand is about real snowboarders, experienced and connected in the industry, making an honest effort to both retailers and end-users, to provide more creativity, more choice, and the best quality and service that consumers in today’s buyers market demand and deserve.

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