Endeavor Signs Canadian Distributor

Endeavor Snowboards’ continuing commitment to provide innovative design, quality product, and outstanding customer service has led to the selection of Meridian Distribution Ltd. as the exclusive Canadian Distributor for Endeavor Snowboards and Apparel. Meridian will be working closely with Endeavor in marketing and sales, while handling all orders and logistics.

“Meridian will ensure that we have the extra support and professionalism essential to succeeding in the snowboarding marketplace”, commented Max Jenke, President of Endeavor Snowboards. “Meridian will be in place to support our dealers with as much customer support as possible, from shipping through to demo programs.”

Although Meridian Distribution is a new name in the snowboard industry, its experience is rooted with over a decade of experience. Founded recently by Murray Fraser of High Output Sports Inc, Meridian will be focusing on the core movement in the snowboarding and skateboarding industries.

“We are excited that Endeavor has selected Meridian as their exclusive distributor. Their company fits well with the whole idea behind Meridian, which is to support and encourage the lines we carry like they were our own”, stated Steve Sandve, General Manager of Meridian Distribution Ltd. “We look forward to working with Endeavor and their dealers to build on the momentum Endeavor has created in the snowboard industry.

For more information about Meridian Distribution contact: info@meridiandist.ca

The Endeavor Snowboards Brand is about real snowboarders, experienced and connected in the industry, making an honest effort to both retailers and end-users, to provide more creativity, more choice, and the best quality and service that consumers in today’s buyers market demand and deserve.