Endeavor Paavo Series Wins Good Wood

Endeavor Snowboards is proud and honored to be awarded with Transworld 2005 Good Wood for the Paavo Series. This award proves that small companies can produce world-class product and compete among industry leaders. Since snowboarding is our first passion, we make sure that all of our products make us happy first, only then can they be put on the shelves with the Endeavor stamp of approval.

“Holy Shit! said Chris Martin, sales manager at Endeavor Snowboards, “it was only a matter of time before our hard work paid off, but I didn’t realize it would happen this year!

Paavo commented “Hmpfh I don’t just like it...I love it!!

The Paavo Series is an all round killer. Paavo takes it in the park, the pipe, and the backcountry, tearing everything apart -- just check out his part in Whiteout Films’ new release Positron. It’s an aggressive board with lots of pop and a unique pre-cured construction. TW’s Cody Dresser said it best -- “F-ing ill.

Thanks to everyone who has supported Endeavor and given us a chance to be a part of their snowboarding experience. Without the love we have gotten we wouldn’t be here today. Endeavor promises to keep making snowboards as good as we can and pushing snowboarding to new heights.

For more information about Endeavor Snowboards and the Endeavor Experience contact info@endeavorsnowboards.com.

The Endeavor Snowboards Brand is about real snowboarders, experienced and connected in the industry, making an honest effort to both retailers and end-users, to provide more creativity, more choice, and the best quality and customer service that consumers demand and deserve.