Emond Wins Red Bull’s Schooled Event


Waterville Valley, New Hampshire – Saturday March 22, 2003 Red Bull Schooled welcomed teams from eight snowboarding schools across the US to compete in a shapely superpipe positioned in the center of Waterville Valley Resort. Ranging in age from 12 to 18, the most talented young riders came together to enjoy a day of friendly competition, snowball fights and sloppy joes. As Pat Bridges (Snowboarder Magazine) so aptly put it “If they’d had an event like this when I was in high school, I’d have a diploma instead of a G.E.D.” Although the competitors were young in age, the level of athletic ability was purely top notch and a sign of things to come. Sixteen-year-old Hannah Teter of Belmont, VT recently placed 1st in the World Cup (Japan) and won Best Overall Female in the US Open of Snowboarding. Twelve-year-old Luke Mitrani of Stratton, VT is USASA National Champion (halfpipe/slope). Luke’s father said that he was happy be at such a low stress event, able to just have fun and ride with his friends.


Each team consisted of four members, with one male snowboarder, one female snowboarder, one male snowboarder/skateboarder, and one male skateboarder. While youth snowboard connoisseur Carter Olcott was on the microphone (donned in a fetching nun’s ensemble – part of the “schooled” theme), judges Jason Grossi, Jay Saltzman, Jason Greenblatt and Matt Johnson were positioned at the base of the superpipe, sitting in their school desks, carefully grading each run.

Each snowboarder had three runs to show their stuff, with the worst scoring run thrown out. Following the snowboarding portion of the competition, skateboarders sessioned a five-foot mini-half-pipe in teams of two with four minutes for each team (two minutes per rider).  


Tyler Emond (Dorset, VT), who recently finished 3rd at World Quarterpipe Championships, took home the prize for Highest Scoring Male Snowboarder. Tyler narrowly beat out Shayne Pospisil (Manasquan, NJ) by pulling out an arsenal of difficult rotations ranging from alley-oop mctwists to 720s.  Tyler and teammates Lindsey Jacobellis (Stratton, VT), Michael Goldschmidt (Bondville, VT) and superstar Luke Mitrani of the Stratton Mountain School nabbed the trophy as the Highest Scoring Team. Hannah Teter performed the largest amplitude and range of tricks, including her frontside 900, which landed her the award of Highest Scoring Female Snowboarder. Skateboarder Spencer Naess was the undeniable champion of the skate ramp and Highest Scoring Skateboarder with a plethora of tricks like blunts, disasters, and an eclectic brew of blindsided lip tricks.

Thanks to all the coaches and teams who came out to Waterville, and a special thanks to the staff of Waterville Resort who helped make this event possible. As Matt Johnson (Schooled judge, skateboarder, school teacher, and alleged plumber) said, “Thank god for New Hampshire”.


Highest Scoring Team Snow/Skate
Prize: $2,000 tuition scholarship
Stratton Mountain School (Stratton, VT)
Luke Mitrani, Tyler Emond, Lindsey Jacobellis, Mike Goldschmidt

Highest Scoring Male Snowboarder
Prize: Custom 2SI surfboard
Tyler Emond (Stratton Mountain School, Stratton, VT)

Highest Scoring Female Snowboarder
Prize: Custom 2SI surfboard        
Hannah Teter (Okemo Mountain School, Okemo, VT)

Highest Scoring Male Skateboarder
Prize: Custom 2SI surfboard      
  Spencer Naess (Okemo Mountain School, Okemo, VT)