Elias Elardht Check Out.  Action Photo Matt Georges, Portrait Hansi Herbig

Elias Elardht Check Out. Action Photo Matt Georges, Portrait Hansi Herbig

  1. Last name:                           Elhardt
  2. First name:                        Elias
  3. D.O.B.                           February 27th 1988
  4. Hometown:                             Oberstaufen
  5. Home resort:                        Kleinwalsertal
  6. Board:                                     Nitro T1 156
  7. Boots:                                     Deeluxe ID
  8. Bindings                                 Raiden the machine
  9. Outerwear:                             Rip Curl
  10. Other sponsors:                    Dakine, TSG
  11. Video parts:            Pirates Jolly Roger, Rip curl Welcome Home
  12. Height:                                   173cm
  13. Weight:                                  73kg
  14. Stance width:                        60cm
  15. Stance:                                    regular
  16. Angles:                                   +18° -13°

Cool things about

Contests: exciting, it can be super cool if it works out and be rewarding if you ride good. Shredding a very good shaped park most of the time with friends you enjoy as people and competitors as well.

Filming: you can be so creative, no rules on what has to be done, no lines you have to take. It’s all you and your ideas and how you see snowboarding and you put it down as you see it. You can ride powder jumps, cliff…Do as you please and see where the fun in snowboarding is.

Session with friends: cool to see others enjoy the day and share something, being together. Often snowboarding is so individual and riding with friends can make everything better. Building moments together that you enjoy

Powder riding: you feel so light, from one pillow to the other you slide along the mountain, like surfing, you get hundreds of possibilities to use the mountain. In powder riding, you see and decide the way you want to use the mountain. You can do whatever you like and it's soft so you can fall and try stuff.

Slope shredding: I love it! Ride down the slope and slide, bonk or spin on things that weren’t made for it. It’s also a perfect training to get your board control which is something I like a lot in snowboarding and use the slope differently each time…it's endless.

Worst thing about

Contests: Pressure, a lot of pressure. It's not the best conditions but you have to give your best and go for it. It can be dangerous sometimes and you have to think of what you want to risk and how much. You have to stomp the trick and do your best, you don't have the control of the timing.

Filming: It’s way different than I thought it would be. It's not about riding like you like. It's hiking, searching, making decisions with the crew and at the end of it you might just ride few laps and it has to be the craziest tricks you have ever pulled on a huge spot and that's it for the day.

Session with friends: nothing sucks

Powder riding: As beautiful as it can be it can be dangerous, not only the snow layer is dangerous, you have to watch out for stones, rocks and trees as well.

Slope shredding: when it's icy, it sucks.

What is your definition of ‘The Search’ ?

The Search for me is surely mostly looking to get out there and being on a snowboard, to get good conditions and searching for the most possible ways of having fun. It’s a search through the sport and for perfect snow to push new tricks while enjoying the moment with your friends.

Top 5’s

5 sounds in your MP3 player

  1. Make Way – Birdman
  2. Le Vent Nous Portera – Noir Désir
  3. Such Great Hights – The Postal Service
  4. Don't cry Out – Shiny Toy Guns
  5. If Jah – Tony Rebl

5 favourite riders

  1. Friedl May
  2. Gigi Rüf
  3. Nicolas Müller
  4. Travis Rice
  5. Erro Ettala

5 best movies

  1. The Visitor
  2. The Reader
  3. After The Wedding
  4. Monsieur Ibrahim

5 tricks

  1. Powder turn
  2. Every 360
  3. Backflip
  4. BS 720
  5. Cab 180

5 last books

  1. The Shadow of the wind,
  2. Fabian: The Story of a Moralist
  3. Measuring the World
  4. The Discovery of Slowness
  5. Kiterunner

5 things you do in life besides snowboarding

  1. Travelling
  2. Playing table tennis
  3. Organising stuff
  4. Hanging out with my girlfriend
  5. Taking photos

5 resorts

  1. Arlberg
  2. Mayrhofen Penken
  3. Hintertux
  4. Portes du Soleil
  5. Whistler

5 snowboard videos

  1. Jolly Roger
  2. 91 Words for snow
  3. That's it that's all
  4. Afterbang
  5. Vivid