Elevation Re-Signs Coulter And Engelsman

This month both Chris Engelsman and Chris Coulter have signed new long-term deals with Elevation giving them both ownership in the brand.

Until now Chris Coulter had been riding under a typical salary incentive type pro rider agreement. After today he will have ownership equity in Elevation snowboards forever, or until he sells it for ten million. “It’s nice to be involved with such a cool real company that’s moving forward. Now I will be even more involved in the business side as well.” Chris Coulter

“Coulter is one of the best all-around human beings I have ever met. He should be one of the great names in snowboarding not only for his riding abilities, but for the respect he earns from his friends and peers. Giving him ownership in Elevation is our way of thanking him for his dedication and commitment to the brand and us,” says Bert LaMar, President /Founder Elevation Snowboards.

Engelsman, who already had ownership equity, has signed a new deal and is getting more ownership shares. “Not only do we think Chris is one of the best snowboarders we have seen but he is probably one of the hardest working professionals we know. Elevation would not be where it is today or as real without Chris Engelsman,” says LaMar.