Elevation Adds George Oakley

Accomplishments: Front Blunt, Front Blunt shove, 5-0, 5-0 shove, Front Salad, Back Salad, Front Blunt.

Contests: 1st Grand Prix – Jib – Park City – 12/03. 1st Pipe2Pipe – Jib – Windell’s – 08/03. 3rd Vans Triple Crown – Slopestyle – Breckenridge – 12/02

Music: There are two types of music; good music and country music. But I must say Rave ’til Dawn Vol. 46 is my all time fav.

Food: Cafe Rio/Chicken Burrito/Black Beans/Medium Salsa/Enchilada Style – lemonade.

Other Interests: Drinking Coronas on the beach with eight bitches, chillin at the Holidae In, roller boarding, smoking the peace pipe, dropping bowling balls off skyscrapers, streaking.

Past Sponsor: Burton

Other Sponsors: Smith, Park City, The Click

Why Elevation: I think Elevation is giving me a huge opppppportunity to get wicked.

Why Elevation 2: At Elevation I have the room and the freedom not to be a clone. The boards are amazing and they take my input seriously. Rider owned Rider Driven, what else can I say?

Hometown: Rogue River, OR

Home Mountain: Park City (winter), Windell’s (summer)

Stance: Regular 23″ 18 and -9 degrees centered

“If you see a new guy ripping on an Elevation and having a good time it is most likely George Oakley. Oakley is the silent assassin. I have seen him quietly killing it for some time now. I am excited to finally have him on the Elevation program, providing him the support he deserves.” – Chris Engelsman

“George is a good snowboarder and he loves chocolate milk.” Drew Fuller

‘George is a skilled rider, great person and we are behind him 547/359%.” Bert LaMar President