Elena Hight, USA

Us Olympic halfpipe team Elena Hight. PHOTO: Nick Hamilton

Elena Hight, USA
Age: 20
Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, California
Stance: Goofy
Board team: Volcom

Recent results: A second place finish at Mammoth stop of the Grand Prix Olympic qualifying series.

Olympic outlook: Elena Hight might be young, but she’s already a seasoned competitor and former Olympian (she placed sixth at Torino). She’s had the front 900 for, like, ever now, she stomped the first-ever women’s backside 900 two years ago winning an X Games bronze medal, and she’s currently looking for the back-to-back nine combo. However, she hasn’t wowed the judges sufficiently, landing on the podium only once during the GP series in second, perhaps in part because of a deficiency in the amplitude department when it comes to spin tricks. However … there’s no time like the present to up the ante!

Potential downfall: Elena’s obviously got the tricks (e.g., fives, sevens, and nines), but unless she can translate the lofty amplitude she gets on her straight airs over to her spin tricks, she might have a hard time landing herself on the Olympic podium.

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Elena’s second place Grand Prix run and potential Olympic run:

US olympic Snowboard team Elena Hight