El Nino Hammers Mt. Baldy With Snow


Jeff Brushie has awesome style, forever. Look at that back hand. PHOTO: Chris Wellhausen

Mount Baldy is the biggest and best mountain to ride in southern California. Locals think of it as a secret gem. It's an old-school ski area, with an old weathered lodge, fixed-grip double chairs, and minimal grooming: A blast from the past, or maybe the Mt. Baker of SoCal! Despite being just an hour from the heart of Los Angeles, there's been almost no "development" which has helped keep it's cool, old vibe intact. It's steep, legendary, badass--and people looking for amenities and a scene don't bother to go. This is a plus for sure. But with all the hype of the last string of storms that pushed through the area, the secret was out. About 5 feet of snow piled up on Baldy, and with it's elevation at over 10,000-feet, it meant pow. A very rare thing is SoCal indeed. A crew from the mag rallied up to get some of it and we met up with scores of old crusties. Dudes like Jeff Brushie, Todd Richards, skate legends Chris Miller, Dave Duncan, and so many more were all dipping into the goods. The snow didn't stop and the wooden-slat chair seats were thick with ice. Frozen butts and all, we ripped through the trees all day howling like monkeys. Check the pics.

-Joel Muzzey

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