Silverton Mountain Shreds Early Season Pow

As of today, October 7th, Silverton Mountain in Colorado was the first resort to fire up its lift and several lucky patrollers rallied some of the first pow laps of winter 2015-2016.

Silverton credits ‘El Gordo’, their local version of El Nino, for the early season storms that produced the goods, and believe these initial weather patterns are good indications of the season to come.

Silverton Mountain Snowboarder 1

Photo: Silverton Mountain

Words: Jen Brill/Silverton Mountain

El Gordo (The Big One) continues to ramp up this winter with heavy snow at Silverton Mountain, Colorado.  The large low pressure system spinning over Silverton Mountain during the past couple of days continues to drop heavy snow on the slopes.  This is the largest winter storm of the season so far and provided some of our patrollers the opportunity to jump on the chairlift today.

El Gordo is known locally in Silverton to be a much stronger version of El Nino.  While El Nino tends to impact the areas of Southwest Colorado, El Gordo tends to take it up a notch and hammer the unique weather microclimate of Silverton Mountain with major snowfall.  Some of the all-time record winters in Silverton have been related to El Gordo.  Locals refer to El Gordo as El Nino's chubbier and much stronger cousin.  As far back as local history records show, El Gordo has historical roots in Silverton, CO and there is no mention of El Gordo in other places of the Southwest.  Previous El Gordo's have resulted in huge winter storms that have closed winter roads and destroyed powerlines in Silverton.

Silverton Mountain Snowboarder 2

Photo: Silverton Mountain

The official start of the season in Silverton slated for December, but if the snow keeps up at this pace, that date could be pushed up if El Gordo continues to deliver.

Silverton Mountain, is the highest shred area in North America with a peak of 13,487' feet and is historically one of the first places to open for the season.

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