Eastern Boarder presents the 13th annual Last Call at Loon Mountain

Video: Eli Olson

Photos: Mike Azevedo

Words: Hondo

The spirit of snowboarding that I fell in love with is still alive and well in the East Coast. Today, March 18, 2013 marked the 13th annual Last Call at Loon Mountain, presented by Eastern Boarder. Last Call is much more than a contest for riders on the East Coast. It's an institution. It's what people spend all season gearing up, and getting exciting for. Last Call is different from every other contest because there’s a true sense of friendship that runs through the day. It really doesn't feel like people are competing against each other, rather, it feels like people are just trying to have a great time, and push their snowboarding to the best of their ability.

This year was no exception. Like Last Calls of the past today's event was broken up into three different jam sessions. The first session was on a pretty decent sized park jump. People were saying it was 60 feet to the knuckle. You can imagine just how solid the jump was considering we're talking about the east coast, and it was cold as hell, and there wasn't much snow to begin with. Some of the standouts on the jump were Ralph Kucharek, Travis Neuenhaus, Merrick Joyce, and Eric Kovall. But in the end the standout jumper was Tyler Lheureux. He was riding like an all out animal over the jump and took the $200.00 prize for best jumper.

After jumping everyone made their way down to an insane mini pipe / rail jam feature. Pretty much any  mini pipe to rail combo was possible. It was pretty insane. Dudes like Alex Andrews, Sam Hulburt, Brandon Reis, Ted Borland, Zak Hale, and Jeremy Landry were just wrecking house. Also ladies like Mary Rand, Amy Gan, and Elin Tortorice, who was riding better than most pro girls, were out there getting buck wild. It was crazy, and hectic and way too much fun to ride then to just sit and watch. So that’s what I did. There was a winner though, and that was Tyler Lheureux again. He got 200 more dollars for his display of rail and mini shred mastery.

Once the mini –pipe/ rail jam set up was over it was lunchtime. Man lunchtime rules. Loon gave everyone the choice of a hamburger, a cheeseburger, or a chicken sandwich. Man it was awesome! Following the delicious feast it was time for the final feature, the infamous Loon wallride. Loon's wallride is not for the faint of heart. It's huge, it's wide, and it's in front of everyone, so they will make fun of you don't do something cool. Fortunately for a few people, they did cool tricks so they didn't get heckled. Alex Andrews was doing sick frontside wallrides, Mike Rav was charging, Forest Burki was doing frontside cane plants, and Ted Lavoie was trying to get creative. The two dudes who were charging it in true east coast style were Nick Doucette and Shawn Murphy. These guys were going balls to the walls with full on reckless abandon for their health and well-being. Shaun ended up winning the quarter pipe. But it wasn't for a lack of trying by Nick Doucette.

Last Call was the best day ever. It really helped remind me why snowboarding rules so much. Good friends, good boarding, good people. It just doesn’t get better then that!




  1. Tyler Lherueux
  2. Sean Murphy
  3. Travis Neuenhaus



  1. Elin Tortorice
  2. Mary Rand
  3. Amy Gan

Ass Award: Nick Doucette

Hardest Charger award: Cooper Whittier

Golden Claw: Merrick Joyce

Damn this dude is right in between the binders. PHOTO: Mike Azevedo