Mother Nature decided to turn her temps to cold and blasted a massive early season storm to parts of the Pacific Northwest, with some places in Canada reaping the benefits on October 9th, Canada's Thanksgiving. Revelstoke locals rejoiced and busted out their boards to get a taste of the fresh snow.

Nicholas Khattar reached out with his tale of early season shredding with the Wasted Youth boys, and sent us the photo evidence to prove it. We're stoked to see this crew making good use of the snow on hand and it fires us up for the season to start.

Words: Nicholas Khattar

It probably would have made a pretty good video. It might even have made a decent print story. Instead, you get this mediocre online write-up. Because no one had any idea that on October 9th we would be riding knee deep pow. Or, as it came to be known to us, "Turkey Boardin!"

In typical Revelstoke fall fashion, it had been piss-pouring for the last four days leading up to Thanksgiving.  But there was snow falling in them-there hills, and it was time to go confirm suspicions. Plans were made and word was sent: 9 a.m. departure: Heading for the snowline. Industry schmoozer and Calgary boy-toy, Joey Noseworthy, picked Karl Jost and I up at the Wasted Youth clubhouse: Society Snow and Skate.  Thanks to Kim Janna and PBR we had enough supplies to see us through to Remembrance Day, thus we were off to the races.

We made it halfway up the Wisconsin road before we hit snow. It wasn't long before Joey's Jeep was dragging arse through a foot of fresh and we could go no further.

After cruising up the muddy road, the crew found snow, and did all the could to keep Jakey-Babes truck from getting stuck. Photo: Joey Norsworthy

The wet, sticky snow was beast to get through. Photo: Joey Norsworthy

We were contemplating our next move when the smell of darts and burning rubber filled the air. Seconds later Dozer and Jakey-Babes Teuton pulled up in Jakey-Babes truck, with his sled loaded in the back.  Because Jake refuses to leave home without enough alpine gear to survive in the bush for a whole season, the three of us were forced to ride in the back. Karl and I piled onto the sled, while Joey curled up on top of our boards. Jakey-Babes hit the gas and away we went, pushing for the summit.

The snow got deeper and the road got steeper. Calling the tires on Jakey-Babes truck bologna skins would be a compliment. These things are so bald Paul Walker is nodding in approval from the deepest regions of hell.  After almost sliding the truck backwards into the bush a few times, we finally threw in the towel and unloaded Jake's sled.  A trandem and two tandems later, we made the summit. It was full blown winter up there and it was glorious.

Before anyone could spark a dart, Dozer dropped in. A few turns and hops and he disappeared under a cloud of powder. We all followed suit.

Dozer dropped in and got totally submarined in the October pow. Photo: Nicholas Khattar

Photo: Nicholas Khattar

Hoots, hollers, high-fives and slugs of PB: it was turkey boardin' at its best! We measured 50cm at the top of Wisconsin Road but on October 9th it might as well have been 500cm.

While Jakey-Babes and Dozer took the sled down, Joey, Karl and myself took the long way and rode down the road.

We rode out of the clouds and into the sun.  It was better than riding the Last Spike [run in Revelstoke] and almost as long. Joey ate shit going mach-tuna and while laughing and shooting a pic I also ate shit, smashing my face into my camera. Karl was dodging kooks left, right, and centre. It was almost the perfect ending to a perfect day. But the real perfect ending was eating turkey and pumpkin pie in a hot tub later that night. That's what Turkey boardin' is all about.

Dozer definitely got the goods and earned this early season slasher. Photo: Nicholas Khattar

Dozer definitely got the goods and earned this early season slasher. Photo: Nicholas Khattar

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