Dynastar Streamlines Message And Operations

In an effort to increase its competitiveness in the overall North American market, Skis Dynastar, parent company of Original Sin Snowboards, is consolidating segments of its Canadian and United States operations.

The purpose for this merge, according to the company, is for both operations to work more closely to convey a consistent sales and marketing message to the entire North American market and enhance service to Canadian dealers.

According to Nate Otis, product manager for Original Sin, the merger will not adversely affect snowboard operations in any way: “In fact, it’ll give us a more solid platform to work with in both Canada and the U.S. In the past, Canada had sort of been left out in the cold and now we’ve brought them into the fold. It’s going to work out better for everybody.”

Under the new arrangement, Dynastar Canada is opening a new sales and marketing office. The facility will house all key dealer-service departments of the operation: customer services, sales, credit, and warranty. The Canadian staff will join forces with Dynastar U.S. using its resources to enhance Canadian operations.

In addition to the new sales office, the consolidation involves moving Canadian inventory, purchasing, computer services, and accounting functions to the U.S. offices in Colchester, Vermont. This will enable the company to offer Canadian dealers factory-direct shipping as well as quicker shipments overall.

“We’re moving operations to the U.S. so we’ll be able to focus more on sales and marketing and less on the operational side of the business,” stated Tony Vogler, sales manager for Dynastar Canada, in a recent press release. “The Colchester office is a state-of-the-art facility. We can only benefit from working more closely with them to better service our dealers.”

Dynastar hopes the merger will help the company to better utilize resources from both countries in order to maintain a strong presence in the Canadian marketplace while delivering a consistent message to dealers and customers.

According to David Provost, executive vice president U.S. and Canada: “The Canadian and U.S. markets are becoming increasingly more similar. We believe that one focused message for the entire North America market will allow Dynastar to grow in a shrinking snowsports industry.”