To whom it may concern,

It is with deep sorrow and a heavy hand that I write to inform you that I am dying. Recently, it was brought to my attention that I am in the final stages of a horrible disease. Though I have known of my sickness since childhood, until as of late, it was not terminal. In the last ten years my condition has worsened, and attempts to battle this affliction has been futile-there seems to be no cure. My disease is one that baffles the most educated physicians of the modern day, as I suppose it has baffled men of healing for thousands of years. Consequently, without a cure this disease has run rampant throughout the ages, and as the millennia approaches it only gains momentum.

When as a young boy, I found out that I may die from this disease. My way of coping was to try to forget about it, and move on. This proved to be a terrible burden to carry through my teenage years. I thought I would grow away from it, but instead it grew closer to me. Many times the pain of my illness has been hard to bear-still I fought. What else can you do?

This ordeal has also been hard on my family, as it has been hard on many families. Like them, we try to handle each episode and move on. We live hoping for a cure, a savior of the eleventh hour, but it seems time is running out. Through the ups and downs of this illness I have tried to fill my life with merriment and bliss, but this just seemed to fuel the disease. There once was a time when I thought that I could live to affect the world, possibly even help it. This turned out, as my doctor informed me, to be “a state of mind brought about by the advancing stages of the disease.”

There are simple steps you can self-administer to combat this sickness and possibly buy yourself some precious time. Each moment you can survive is a moment closer to someone standing up and proposing a cure. For without a cure, it will be only a matter of years before the world’s population will be overcome with this affliction- if it hasn’t been already. This disease is killing me, and it quite possibly could be killing you or someone you love. We must act now-on this the future depends. Make no mistake, stupidity is a dangerous disease. Get it before it gets you. Farewell, dear friends.Robert DaFoe