DVS Designs The BLOCK Hotel Room

March 21, 2004 South Lake Tahoe, CA -- DVS Shoe Company has agreed to design their own Signature Room at THE BLOCK, namely room 221.

The BLOCK is the world’s first snowboarder hotel founded by Professional Snowboarder, Marc Frank Montoya and veteran hotelier Liko S. Smith. The hotel has 50 rooms, covered parking, room balconies with exterior music, a rooftop hot tub and barbecue deck, free wireless access and hi speed terminals as well as complimentary CLIF BARS, “Whoop Ass energy drinks and Campbell’s “Soup at Hand for all snowboarding guests. Standard in room amenities include cordless phones, CD players, Playstation 2 Game Consoles and DVD players.

“DVS speaks to our customers and is a premier brand in their minds. After meeting with Ricky this weekend at THE BLOCK, I was impressed with the great ideas that DVS brings to the table and their sense of action, this room will set itself apart in many ways, all of our Signature Rooms are coming in with very unique attributes and this will be no exception says Liko S. Smith, managing partner of the hotel Some amenities planned for the DVS room include wood coated walls and ceiling, life-size waterfall photography and a sit down Ms. Pac Man tabletop arcade game as well as flat screen television and other ideas mixing some old concepts with new and progressive designs and amenities. The room is scheduled for completion in April of 04..

DVS supports snowboarding to the fullest, so when we heard about THE BLOCK we wanted to be a part of it to show our dedication to this lifestyle,...with the hotel being so close to the snow, slot machines and night clubs, how could we go wrong? Says Ricky Melnick of DVS Shoe Company. Finally, there’s a cool place to stay while visiting a mountain town,... Bring your Aspirin! He adds.

“What,.. thought we wouldn’t?!! Heh, you know we gotta have the ill-ass shoe company sponsorin’ things around here to top everything off !! DVS is so damn down for the cause, it’s retarded. They’re crazy hyped to see things like this happening. A hotel where snowboarders are kings, and stuffy, old, uptight suit-wearin’ complainers have no say?!! Sh*t, you know they’re stoked to show love and support for what we’re doin’. ” says Marc Frank Montoya, owner and founder of THE BLOCK.

Other Signature rooms include Vivid Video, Transworld Snowboardng Magazine, Flow Bindings, Zoo York, Spy Optic, Section Outerwear, Roxy Clothing, and Jones Soda Co as well as Marc Frank Montoya. All sponsor rooms are scheduled for completion on or before June 2004. More information can be seen at www.blockattahoe.com .

THE BLOCK is located1 block from the Heavenly Gondola in S. Lake Tahoe at 4143 Cedar Avenue, directly adjacent to Harveys,Harrahs and Caesar’s Palace as well as the incoming convention center scheduled for 2005. Reservations can be made by calling 530.544.2936 or online at www.blockattahoe.com or virtualtahoe.com. Email is blockattahoe@aol.com