Dumped & Kitted(tm) With J2 15.8

Nice yellow paint job, dude.
I know you’re jealous-it’s “lifted and fitted.”

What year is this Mazda Turbo?
It’s an ’88 GTX, and the X means it’s all-wheel drive.

Are those stock wheels with a white powder coat?
Nope. The wheels are vented directionally-each one is specified for a side of the car and they draw air through them to cool the tiny-ass brakes.

What are all the gauges for?
Well, we got ourself a must for any positive pressure manifold-a boost gauge. Also exhaust temperature, water temperatue, oil pressure, and volt meter gauges.

Is that a lap timer?
A trip computer, and it’s for the copilot. It gives the distance traveled so they can read their pace notes and tell you, “Hard left over crest, caution!”

Super tech, race seats?
They’re just your stock, over-the-counter race crappers. No lean adjustments or tiltin’ goin’ on, but I do have a little for and aft movement.

How many times has it broken so far?
Well, I bought it in the Bronx from some Irish-mafia dudes-then I broke the center differential within ten miles. I bought a tranny and differential in Oregon and shipped them to New York. Then I hit the road to Colorado, and in the middle of Pennsylvania a tire blew up at four a.m., in the rain. I had to put my four “gravel spec” tires loud, and mad knobby for the rest of the drive. Doing your photo shoot in Colorado we ran into some trouble-it seems the wheel-bearing nut came loose during a practice jump and all hell broke loose.

Does this define a project car?
Come on now, aren’t they all if you’re stoked ?

Where is it now?
Black Rob’s house in Denver.

What’s been done to the engine?
It’s pretty much stock aside from the manual boost controller. You can adjust the boost from five psi, to sixteen. It also has an HKS programmable fuel controller, so she doesn’t get thirsty at high boost. And a two-and-a-half-inch, turbo-back exhaust.

Does it have a roll cage?
Oh yeah, baby.

Is it still smog legal?

Is Ali all envious?
Nah, I bought the same car he has, but mine is completely prepped for SCCA production GT class rally-his is close, though. I kicked down for one that was done so I wouldn’t have to mess around to race. I just have to sort out a few little things, and we’ll both be happily sliding our asses off.

Are you going to race this in competition?
I plan on it-we’ll see.

Now you have three cars, and two are broken-sweet!
Shut the f-k up! Some things in life are worth waitin’ for.

Ali Disses Your Whip(tm)

“The SCCA discontinued GT class racing-sorry.”