Dumped & Kittedà‚„¢ With Marc Frank Montoya 15.7

What year’s the lowrider?
It’s a 1987 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham. The wickedest pimp ride of the last two decades, and it only has 14,000 original miles.

Is that a custom top?

Oh, you know, it’s a brand-new, baby-blue vinyl top to match the baby-blue molding all down the side and the mint-blue interior.

What’s up with the paint?

Oh, jus’ that smooth-ass-player shit¿a pearl-white base coat with a blue pearl on top of it to bring the whole car together. I’m gonna put another strong topcoat of that blue pearl again jus’ to make it dumb obvious. Not to mention the blue-silver tint on the windows to make sure everybody sees me creepin’.

How many pumps and batteries?
The maximum. It’s got four pumps, four dumps, and ten big-ass batteries lined up in the trizzunk to make it hop a good yard off the ground. My friend “Federal Ed” hooked it up solid and welded the front and back of the frame so all that hoppin’ wouldn’t mess my car. He also extended the A-arms to make it all legit. It has ten switches so far¿sixteen when it’s finished.

Some wicked lil’ chrome fourteen-by-seven-inch Daytons.

This is your Colorado car?
Strictly Denver streets. Federal Boulevard and the Denver skatepark, to be exact.

You keep it at your momma’s?
I pretty much use up the whole garage¿but shit, I pay half her rent!

It suits you¿is this your first one?
Yeah, this is my first project whip. I’m gonna be on some other shit later, though.

Did you ever roll a bucket?
Oh damn, you got no idea¿I’ve had nothin’ but buckets ’til just recently.

When’s the sound system coming?
As soon as my corporate sponsorship from Kicker goes into effect. It’s gonna be dumbass loud.

Thanks to my homeys Federal Ed, Mike Ward, and Rich Guerrero for all the help. My car isn’t even halfway done, so I’ll keep y’all updated.

Ali Disses Your Whipà'"¢

No chain steering wheel?

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