Dumped And Kitted(tm) With Kurt Wastell.

Make and model.
It’s a ’99 Audi A4 Avant, 1.8 turbo Quattro.

Why a wagon? All you ever see are sedans-and it’s rare to see a white wagon like I have. It’s just exactly what I was looking for-it’s a five-speed and it didn’t have a sunroof or all the extra options. It only has the sports package, which includes a solid front sway bar.

But isn’t white a girl car color? Hell no! It’s the only color that looks clean all the time-except gray.

You have different aerodynamics. We put the whole Euro S4 bodykit on. The Euro spec S4 bumper’s a little shorter in the back. It’s cool-most everything I’ve done to the car aside from the turbo has still used Audi products.

Ever raced an S4? No, not really. Most people that have S4s are old people, and they’re not down for that shit.

Suspension? I have Neuspeed race springs and Bilstein sport struts with a Neuspeed rear sway bar. Oh, I also have a Neuspeed short shifter.

I’ve never seen those rims before. What are they-fifteens? No! Come on-they’re eighteen-inch Racing Harts. I don’t know if they ever even produced them. I’ve seen them on a Honda once, but they were seventeens.

Porsche brakes? Yeah, this Audi fanatic figured out you could use the 12.6-inch rotors from an Audi A8 with the calipers off a Porsche up front.

What’s under the hood? A stage-three Garrett turbo and an APR manifold. Bigger fuel injectors, Neuspeed software, a front-mount intercooler, and a Greedspeed airbox. It has a racing catalytic converter with a Neuspeed cat-back exhaust. I think I’m running about eighteen pounds of boost-maybe twenty to 22 on the top end. They run around ten pounds stock. At one time I had it maxed out with 25 pounds of boost, and it was nuts-it was too gnarly.

Sounds fast-had it dynoed? No one really has a dyno for Quattro all-wheel drive. A two-wheel drive A4 with the same setup pushed 334 horsepower.

How much time spent at the shop? For a while it was in the shop getting the computer chip mapped out correctly quite a bit. For the last five months it’s been super dialed, though.

You can plug a laptop into your dashboard?Yeah, the shop hooks up their computer-they have a program they use to check and fine-tune everything. Most new cars have an input socket under the dash.

Where is all this work done?At Greedspeed-they’re in Newberry Park, California. Just north of L.A. in Ventura County and a two-minute drive from where I grew up.

Ill seats. They’re alcantara, Sparco Milano sport seats. Alcantara’s the highest-grade leather you can get-like suede but super grippy so you don’t slide around, I love ’em.

How much cash have you thrown at this? About fifteen-grand-not including the purchase price of the car. Forty-grand total-well, I didn’t actually pay that much, but that’s what it would cost.

If you could do it over-would you start with the same car? I’d probably still have to go with the A4-another idea would be to find a wrecked S4 and put the 2.7 engine and six-speed tranny in an A4 body!Ali Disses Your Whip(tm)

“Classic import style-buy a low-end model and throw money at it.”

Captions.Photos: Rucker093 Not your average grocery getter. 094 095 Notice how the seats accent the car’s body color-that’s detail, kids. 096 Even the Porsche brakes are color keyed white.097 Escape from L.A.098