Dumped and Kitted: Derek Heidt

Tell me about this 911’s history.
Doug Lundgren put the car together. Doug is one of the original shredders from back in the day. He bought the 1979 911 SC from a dealership in Vancouver. The Porsche sat at an upgrading outfit in Vancouver on and off for three years. Doug sold it to Don Schwartz, another boarder from the old days, and he had it at his cabin for a few years. Two years ago my girlfriend and I were up at Schwarty’s cabin wakeboarding. I saw the car in the garage and he said he was selling it. After going around hairpin corners at 175 km 100 mph it only took a few minutes to say, “I’ll take it.”

That engine’s been tampered with.
Yeah, the 911 SC 3.0-liter engine was completely rebuilt, balanced, and blueprinted, with Mahle low-compression racing pistons and Group-B turbo cams. A Paxton supercharger and a custom-built Spearco Intercooler were added along with a NOS nitrous system. An Australian custom-built Monty twin four-inch exhaust, MSD ignition, and a K&N air filter finish things off. It outputs 600 horsepower.

Can you light ’em up in second gear, or even third?
It can¿I don’t usually do it. The tires are spendy, and the engine’s in the rear, so it has more traction than front-enginevehicles.

Any Whistler drag racing?
Every time I go for a drive someone has to prove something¿lots of street bikes are always on my ass. It’s fun looking back in the rearview and never seeing anyone passing me.

Do you have upgraded brakes and suspension?
The car had to be outfitted with four-piston Bremtek racing calipers, crossed-drilled brake rotors, ceramic brake pads, and stainless-steel brake lines throughout. It has Weltmeister Racing torsion bars, Bilstein sport shocks, Weltmeister front stress bars, and Weltmeister fully adjustable sway bars. It also has the Turbo tie-rod update, and a short shifter kit.

Has that body been massaged?
The car was outfitted with a turbo tail so all the add-ons could fit under the lid. It also sports custom tear-drop side-view mirrors and seventeen-inch Speedline three-piece racing wheels. Shod with Toyo 245/40s up front and 255/40s at the rear.

How special an occasion must it be to “take out the Porsche”?
Anytime it’s not raining in Whistler is occasion enough for me.

When’s the last time you got a speeding ticket?
I’ve only had one ticket, and it was in my truck.

How about the interior and stereo?
The interior has been completely redone¿Recaro, heated- leather electric seats. A two-stage Clifford alarm system and disabler, Pioneer CD deck, ten-disc changer, and a Momo shifter knob. It has Pyramid door speakers, and I had to remove the air conditioning to fit the ten-inch subwoofer. Do you want to sell it to me¿cheap?
Do I get another cover?

Derek would like to say thanks to: Lundgren, Schwarty, and Stewart at Weissach Performance Ltd. in Vancouver, B.C.