Dub And Droors Change Ownership: World Industries picks up apparel lines

World Industries purchased Dub and Droors apparel lines, for an undisclosed amount of money, approximately one week prior to the ASR show in San Diego after merely two weeks of negotiations. Circus Distribution will now focus all its energies on the DC line of skateboard shoes, snowboard boots, and apparel.

“It’s kind of like an old pair of shoes that are really comfortable. You just put your foot in them and start running,” says Wallace Hargraves, in charge of World’s snow program. “They’re still the same lines, they just have a new owner.”

According to Hargraves, the acquisition actually takes place November 15 for Droors and January 1 for Dub. From now through December 31, all orders and shipping for Fall 1998 Dub outerwear will continue through Circus. “Circus is going to sell through this season and we’ll pick it up after that, but as far as marketing goes, we’re marketing on that now,” he adds.

The lines will be kept completely separate from the current World Industries snowboard products, maintaining the strong image of Dub and Droors within their traditional core markets. “We’re planning to carry on Dub and Droors the way they were,” Hargraves says. “World caters to the juvenile as far as the look and the image of the lines. Dub and Droors are more the older adolescent to adult.

“This won’t change any of World’s focus, it’s for the kids and the kids love us. They’re brand loyal and they love all that comes out of there.”

A recent press release from Circus Distribution states, “As a leader in the core skateboarding and snowboarding markets, World Industries is the ideal home for Droors and Dub.” World Industries shares the same markets as Circus and has the same understanding of what skateboarders and snowboarders want, making the transition even smoother.

Distribution for Dub and Droors will be run through a separate company owned by World Industries, Red Lantern Distribution, with Tim Haylee as manager. Ken Block and Damon Way of Circus have each retained a minority interest in the new corporation and will serve on the board of directors.

A rep force for the two apparel lines is still being decided but according to Hargraves, World is considering using some of its current reps as well as bringing on board some new people. The current designer will continue doing the lines on a freelance basis. “The Dub and Droors lines for next season have already been designed,” Hargraves adds. “We’ll probably switch to Circus’ manufacturing. One thing about those lines is the quality’s always been there.”

By picking up these two lines, World has diversified, without taking a huge gamble on whether the market will accept a new product. “It gives us more selling power,” Hargraves says. “As far as the snow line goes, people didn’t take us seriously at first. They thought of us as just another skate company getting into snowboarding. Dub brings a lot of credibility to the snow line. Now we have an adult line that’s well known within the snow community, especially with the riders.

“They’ve always been known for having a very technical team and we’re looking to continue that.”

Two of the World riders were sponsored by Dub already: Gabe Lin and Gabe Crane. And Ali Goulet and Jeremy Jones were reinstated to the team as well.

“The way that we work the team, the team votes on everything. There are not changes without the team,” Hargraves continues. “So when we announced we were picking up Dub and Droors, they were pretty excited considering that once Circus decided to sell the lines, they’d dropped their whole team. Basically it’s continuing business like it never stopped. It’s just getting the business formatted and making it as comfortable as possible on the buyers.”

Since the announcement was so new, many dealers didn’t know about the deal at the ASR show. But Hargraves anticipates a good reception: “They’re happy with the programs we’ve had.”

World might also decide to add snowboard boots under the Axion skkate shoe name in the near future. These would debut at the SIA show in March if it happens.

-Robyn Hakes