Dryve Snowboards Sponsors 2001 AST Tour

Dryve Snowboards is proud to be the sole snowboard sponsor on the American Snowboard Tour 2001. We will be sponsoring all events at Bear Mountain, CA, Snow Summit, CA and Northstar in Tahoe.

Dryve will also have five (5) riders competing in AST events:

1. Brent Meyer
2. Jason Bilek
3. Cameron Prather
4. Petri Rodriquez
5. Tom Miller

All of our riders will be hoping to take that Big #1 spot on the podium!

Brent Meyer will be riding his new Dryve Brent Meyer Pro Model snowboard, the demand for which is so great that the board is now on back order. Dryve Snowboards is now in the process of producing more of this most popular of its boards in order to meet demand.