Dryslope Dreams

Lake Geneva, WI In the past year, snowboarding sales have increased 51%. Also, the surge of snowboarding popularity exploded last year when all 3 Olympic Snowboarding medals were won by the Americans. Can the sport continue to grow or is it peaking??

SNOW MAKING By STURM, a division of Academy Award winning Sturm`s Special Effects Intl., Inc., is gearing up to build SNOWFLEX ™ slopes and centers throughout North America, according to president, Dieter Sturm. Sturm recently signed with Briton Engineering Developments LTD., U.K. as exclusive rep in the United States and North America.

Sturm believes, “this is just the beginning.” Snowboarding is currently bound by geographic location and weather conditions.”My goal is to extend the 3-4 month snowboarding season into 12 months”, says Sturm. “Can you imagine the popularity with new young demographics coming into winter sports when it is accessible to them in their own city across America? We call it URBAN SNOWSPORTS. Wouldn’t it be cool to just jump in your car after work, drive just abit, and snowboard for a few hours each week??? Hit some pipes on the weekend??”

The snowboard equipment manufacturers (boards, boots, bindings, etc.), the apparel manufacturers, and supporting snow merchandise industries have millions of dollars tied up in designing, manufacturing, marketing, advertising, and selling their products in a short time span of the year. “These multi-million dollar companies will see prime opportunities and expanded profits if they get involved early to support our objectives,” according to Sturm, “especially when they can sell their products off-season and in geographic regions that they would never have a snowballs chance in hell, to sell little, or anything.”

“When it comes to advertising and sponsors getting involved, the SNOWFLEX Centers will provide the vehicle for incredible “extreme” media and customer exposure,” says Sturm. “Everyone from the X-Games, ESPN, Gravity Games, The Extreme Channel, Octagon Sports Marketing, Fuse Sports Marketing, USSA, and soo many more all want to get involved. Everyone knows this system will open the doors wide open in making the sport of snowboarding stronger than ever.”

SNOWFLEX Centers can be built anywhere (even where snow never exists), in any climate, and can operate 24/7.

Currently, there are 12 SNOWFLEX Centers successfully in operation in the U.K. designed and built by Brian Thomas, Director of Briton.

In the US, Sturm is actively seeking interested businesses, resorts, attractions, parks & recreation groups, and sports-related venture capital to begin building the slopes and centers as soon as possible. “Once the first SNOWFLEX slope gets built here in the US, the concept is going to explode”, notes Sturm, ” I’m positive! We just need someone to step up to the plate with the finances to get one built here.”

Sturm, an expert involved in innovative winter/snow projects for the past 17 years (also an Academy Award winning Special Effects Coordinator for film and video), indicates there are great advantages to using Snowflex.

“First, real snow will always be real snow. Period. We are never going to say that SNOWFLEX replaces the real stuff, thats certainly not true. What we can say is that you now have the most technically advanced synthetic surface ever available to practice and have fun on.. off-season”, Sturm smiling.

The surface responds; you can carve, plow,,,, the material is soft and safe to land on (unlike the traditional dry slope surfaces of past), it can be used to form fun and challenging features like 1/4 and 1/2 pipes, does not require expensive grooming, offers off-season “real training” for professionals, provides an excellent “teaching/learning” environment, and creates a snow-related profit center on a year round basis.

Snowflex, the revolutionary artificial snowboard and skiing surface, has two properties that make snow sports fun- they are that it is `sllippy`, for forward sliding, and that it is `grippy`, a progressive resistance to sideways motion according to the edge set of the board / ski. Snowflex is a polymer composite, comprising a monofilament fibre and impregnated carrier layer. This sits on top of a unique shock layer, giving an authentic responsive and reactive feel. Manufactured in a tile form, Snowflex forms a homogenous surface, and can be cut and formed into complex features and shapes.

“I am so excited to bring Snowflex to North America. With the current trend and popularity of snowboarding, this new-tech material answers the most asked question.. well, where can I snowboard? Now you will be able to snowboard 365 days a year hopefully in every U.S. city! Winter will NEVER be the same”, Sturm grins, “this IS the future, I’m ready for the challenge!”

Snowflex and photographs for review can be found on their website athttp://www.snowmaker.com