Drop Adds Three To Snow Team

Drop is proud to welcome three new riders to its snow team:

Kale Stephens is a powerhouse snowboarder with amazing style. He’s had solid video parts with Mackdawg and Wildcats as well as some solid magazine coverage in the last couple of years. Kale will be one of twelve riders filming with Mackdawg this year and will have a part in the Wildcats latest flick. Kale is one of the best snowboarders in the world and he is finally getting the recognition he deserves. As most people know he is also a master on his sled.

Paavo Tikkanen is one of Europe’s finest young exports and the newest Wildcat. Paavo’s smooth style and off hill shenanigans make him a crowd favorite at most events and parties he attends, you come out with the feeling that this guy is really having a good time. He has some very impressive comp results in Europe over the last few years and has spent quite a bit of time in Whistler hanging with the cats. He had a solid part in “Nine Lives” and some good magazine coverage the world over.

Mike Page is part of the 418 crew. The 418 crew came from Quebec and invaded Whistler about 7 years ago. Within a very short period of time they had the reputation of being some of the most fearless riders who would charge anything in any conditions, and the same went for their after-hours skills...anywhere anytime... they love to have a good time. Mike is no exception to the rule. After suffering a possible career ending injury Mike has come back on the scene with a vengeance. He is filming with video gangs this year and should also have a good section in the gathering’s newest movie. Rumors are that he has been destroying it this year and already has a bunch of stuff for the video.

The Drop snow team for 03 is:

Marc Frank Montoya

Joni Makinnen

Kale Stephens

Dionne Delesalle

Kurt Wastell

Annie Boulanger

Mike Page

Paavo Tikkanen

David Melancon

Andrew Hardingham

Etienne Tremblay

Max Jenke

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