Droors And Dub Open New Offices

Merge Inc. recently opened its doors to business as the distribution company for the snowboard and skate apparel brands Dub and Droors. The acquisition of the two brands by World Industries from Circus Distribution was finalized on December 11. Shortly afterward, the company set up shop in El Segundo, California in an office that had formerly been home to Big Brother skateboard magazine.

Merge was created by World Industries to take over manufacturing, distribution, sales, and marketing of the Dub and Droors brands. The company will establish a force of outside and in-house sales representatives.

Merge's General Manager Tim Haley says the company will continue to follow the path created by the original owners. “We're going to stay true to who we are,” he says. “Our first-year goal for Dub is to be the number-one snowboard apparel brand in skate shops and with the major snowboard-specific retailers.”

The company showed off its new line of Droors at the January Surf Expo trade show, then debuted the snowboard line at the ASR Trade Expo in Long Beach, California.

The ten-person office will be run as a separate company from World Industries, but will still benefit from the resources of World and the original owners, Circus Distribution. In fact, Circus Owners Damon Way and Ken Block are still on the board of directors, and Way will still oversee the designs of the two brands.

The company has also expanded its list of riders. Finnish snowboard wonder Jussi Oksanen rounds out Dub's squad, which includes Ali Goulet, and Gabe Linn. Skaters including Rob Dyrdek, Rick McCrank, and Chany Jeanguenin have been added to the Droors team of Ronnie Creager, Caine Gayle, and Josh Kalis.

“We're very excited about the upcoming seasons for both Dub and Droors,” says Haley. “Merge is committed to providing the finest quality product, the most innovative designs, and the best service attainable in the industry. We've assembled superb talent and a first-class business and customer-support operation to back the brands and drive our retailers' growth to a new level in the future. With World Industries' management support and Ken Block and Damon Way's historical creative direction, we are very excited about the future.”

Frank Messmann, CEO of World Industries concurs: “We are confident that Merge can enhance all aspects of these two very successful brands without changing or modifying the brands' existing design, image, or distribution.”

-John Stouffer