Drink Water’s ENERGY – Alaska Featured Gallery

The energy is strong between these three- Austin, Curtis & Bryan. Photos: Andrew Miller
Welcome to Haines, America
Bryan Fox -Haines, AK
The dark side with Bryan Fox. Haines, AK
Alaska taxi curiosity of AK Heliskiing.
Austin Smith, method, Haines, AK
Curtis Ciszek top of his line - Haines, AK
Curtis Ciszek slaying Haines, AK
Shaving off weight for the Heli - Austin, Curtis & Bryan
Haines - spine capital of the world.
Austin Smith - Haines, AK
Endless options for the Energy crew.
Half a day down with Austin Smith. Blow Darts, River running, bite the bag & fresh water fill ups.
Ro Sham Bo with the boys.
Austin Smith - Haines, AK
Bryan Fox playing the shadows, early March snow & light in Haines is epic.
Austin & Curtis peeking over at the options.
Austin Smith slash to drop - Haines, AK
ENERGY! Bryan Fox feelin it.
Bryan Fox tackling a classic in Haines, AK
Curtis Ciszek method in mordor - Haines, AK
Curtis Ciszek method in mordor - Haines, AK
On slope with Energy - Curtis & Austin.
Bryan Fox pillow land - Haines, AK
Austin Smith - Haines, AK
Haines quicky - 5 days and the damage was done -Adios!

Energy is Drink Water's newest project and it features Curtis Ciszek, Austin Smith, and Bryan Fox, along with Griffin Siebert, Blake Paul, Alex Yoder, and more. The films highlights the essence of clean, natural, all-mountain snowboarding along with vouching for good, clean, fuel intake. Scope the gallery above which features action and antics from the crew’s Alaskan adventure, shot exclusively by the one and only, Andrew Miller.

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