Drink Water’s Double Tap Gallery and Highlights

A race not based on times, Double Tap presented by Drink Water was a contest unlike any other. Rider: Jerad Elston. Photos: Danny Kern
Dye guy giving the course some love. Photos: Danny Kern
LTC boys just passin by, sayin’ hi. Throughout the day there were many hoots and hollers from the chairs, usually referring to the Traeger BBQ and the bacon aroma radiating from its vents.
First gate drop of the day. Peter Butsch left, Kale Gray right.
Local butcher and meat master Bryan Tremayne was grilling free range bacon the entire day, for FREE! It was yum. It was insane yum. Meat and racing on a pow day with a bunch of fellow boarders! Rarely was there a moment when the Traeger grill was not surrounded.
Austin rounding up the lil’ ones, with his lil’ homie.
Bryan getting the youth lined up and shedding some good energy on the next generation of snowboarding.
Parker Szumowski had a rough morning.
Devyn Schnake snakin’ through the first turn.
Gus Warbington always looking in control.
Just a couple locs (JD Dennis and Dru Brownrigg) going head-to-head and enjoying the trash talk being tossed around at the top of the course.
Twinning, the entire course was easily viewed from the top and was to a science identical.
Dang, you got some ice in your beard. Max Warbington showing some PNW frost.
Riders on course! Turn number two on the Double Tap track.
The youth was just as competitive as the pro division, if not more..
Tyler Orton capturing this money movie moment with Scott Stevens and Seth Hout.
“Yeah, dude!” Chris Cloud.
Ice wizard, Destry Serna.
Release the freak and flee the scene. Destry Serna.
Jared Elston, Dru Brownrigg on the move.
Jared Elston not letting his friendship get in the way of this victory and skirting ahead of Dru Brownrigg.
And then this! If you’re not first you’re last? Brownrigg goes down, Elston advances.
Behind the scenes with Austen Sweetin and Alex Yoder. Producer Bryan Fox working on the newest Drink Water Media House production.
Yoder pulling out of turn one with relaxed style. Alex had the most difficult line-up of contenders but he still made it to the finals, usually skimming past his opponent through the last stretch of rollers.
The final race. Yoder vs. Elston, seasoned vs. freshman.
Low visibility and all, the final duo proved why they were the last men standing.
The men who made Double Tap happen: Austin, Curtis, Bryan and Stephan Fox.
Thankful for 10 Barrel Brewing and these two ladies behind the bar who kept everyone’s cups full during the awards and premiere.
High Cascade Snowboard Camp hooked it up!
Comedy show in a church with a bit of snowboarding and swag to the fastest. Austin, Curtis and Bryan announcing the winners from the day.
36-and-Up contestant Andy Bernhardt beyond hyped to receive his first place award. A custom Drink Water river wave surfboard.
A Drink Water production, Energy, producing laughs, gasps and smiles.

Photos/Captions: Danny Kern

Words: Myles Soderstrom
It just so happened that the vacancy left by the Dirksen Derby coincided with the release of Energy, Bryan Fox's snowboard film opus. The hydrated minds behind Drink Water proposed a last minute, head-to-head, snowboard race to fill the void left by the Dirksen Derby's gap year. With only two weeks to plan and execute the 200 person snowboard race, all while attending an avalanche safety course at Baldface, the Bend and Bachelor community stepped to the plate and brought Double Tap to life.

A far cry from the Derby, LBS, and even the Rat Race, Double Tap scrapped the timers and was based entirely around simple head-to-head races. Competitors were pitted against each other on mirrored courses in a single elimination bracket format. The race format provided no shortage of close finishes and the excitement built with every bracket.

Storybook endings to nearly every race category set the tone for the evening. If the time on snow was high energy then the premiere of Drink Water Media House's latest film, Energy, was off the charts. After racers were awarded and thanks were given, Bryan, Austin and Curtis presented the audience with their most exciting movie to date. Hoots and hollers echoed throughout the venue as backflips were tossed, jokes were cracked, and big mountain POV lines were handled.

The night was capped off with a silent auction on an assortment of items ranging from tents to goggles to grills with all of the proceeds going to water.org.


Check out the full gallery of highlights above and the results below. 


1. Justin Schoonover
2. Jesse Zaengle
3. Kit Hendrickson

36 and up Men:
1. Andy Benhardt
2. Jason McAlister
3. Jorma Nagel

1. Ashley Thornton
2. Caley Vanular
3. Marisa Krawczak

1. Alder Bersch
2. Elijah Pyle
3. Micah Brown

1. Jared Elston
2. Alex Yoder
3. Sam Taxwood

Mt. Bachelor
The North Face
High Cascade Snowboard Camp

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