Dragstrip Design Hires Art Director

SEATTLE, February 4, 2004 — Nhon (Nin) Truong has joined forces with Dragstrip taking on an in-house role of art director/graphic designer.

Nin is a Seattle based artist, designer and teacher who thrives on having his hands (and heart) in everything. Graduated from the University of Washington with a double major in Landscape Architecture and Fine Arts and a minor in Architecture, Nin will continue to teach part time in both the Public Art and Landscape Architecture Departments at his alma mater. He has worked for several design firms over the past few years while continuing to practice as a visual artist.

Nin is probably best known for his constant, root-down involvement in the art and skate community. Jump-starting projects like Manik Skateboards, The Push Project, and the gallery at ‘Goods’ in Seattle has kept him busy. ‘My friends and I started Manik in the spring of 2001 as a creative outlet. It was a way to combine photography, film, art and design into one project. Without a business plan or real agenda, our only intent was to have fun while pushing the progression of skateboarding through a variety of channels.’ Says Nin.

Nin recently completed a public art project funded by The Art Grant of King County. His next public art project is due to be completed this spring for the city of White Center. His artwork has been exhibited in Seattle, Brooklyn, Santa Ana, and Portland.

“We need someone like Nin Kevin Walsh, President of Dragsrip has been saying for the last 2 years of building his small design agency. “Finally a couple of weeks ago he called us and said he was ready.

Dragstrip Design is a full service agency based in Seattle offering Graphic and Industrial Design at all levels with focus in the action sports industries. Other services provided are: marketing and branding, advertising and catalogue design, photography, tradeshow booth, retail fixture and in-store design. Check out a small sampling of Dragstrip projects www.dragstripdesign.com and some of Nin’s designs at www.manikskateboards.com and www.needgoods.com.