The Second Annual Snowboard Trade Fair was held February 22¿23, 1995 at Donner Ski Ranch, Norden, California. Over 35 snowboard companies had a chance to demo their new lines for the 1995¿96 winter season. Retailers from all over Northern California and Nevada were treated to two days of free riding, a pasta feed, and plenty of beer, thanks to Heckler Brew and Burton’s Laurent Vrignaud¿all this so retailers could sample new snowboard lines before attending the SIA show the following week in Las Vegas.

Retailers agreed that the trade fair made it easier to order product at SIA that fit their customers’ needs. Employees of The Wave from Roseville won the award for most demos tried, with over 50 boards tested in just two days.

A total of 500 retailers mixed in with a few pro riders, wannabes, and snowboard-rep groupies to hit the slopes under lovely sunny spring-like days. Music flowing from the Sims van kept everyone in the groove.

Not only was it a business day away from the shop, but time for shop owners, managers, and employees to ride together. O’Neill’s Surf Shop in Santa Cruz even closed for the two days.

Some of the notable faces in the crowd included Aaron Vincent, Noah Salasnek, Josh Vert, Kyle Frankland, Chris and Monty Roach, Rob Jastina, most of the South Shore posse, the Burton B team, and Jeff “Budweiser” Toland.

¿Don Bostick