Diva Snowboards Joins SIA, Launches Apparel

Diva Snowboards announced today that the snowboard company joined Snowsports Industries America (SIA). In an effort to advance Diva Snowboards status in the snow sports industry, the company joined SIA and reserved their space for the SIA convention in Las Vegas in January 2004.

The upcoming convention will allow Diva Snowboards to showcase their 2005 snowboard models. Diva will be adding 3 new snowboard models to their snowboard line up for 2005. “The addition of our new models will help us broaden our reach to a wider market of women who are a dominant force in this industry”, says Director of Business Craig Everett.

Diva Snowboards new clothing line will be released in the fall of 2003. The new clothing line will also be available at the upcoming convention as well. The apparel line consists of a wide variety of soft goods for women including jackets, long sleeve shirts, and pants. “We’ve seen such a need for available snow apparel for women”, says Tracey Everett Diva’s Director of Sales. “We’re hitting the focus groups hard to find out what our riders want and we feel you’ll see a beautiful clothing line when we’re finished”.

Diva Snowboards goal is to offer an entirely new selection of snowboards for the women snowboarding community. Diva Snowboards are for women only and offer a unique character and style that sets them apart from other snowboarding companies today. The snowboarding industry predominantly targets men so Diva Snowboards is a welcome change to the industry.

Their vision: Diva’s number one commitment is to exceed the expectations of every woman boarder. The bottom line: “Why ride a boys board? Ride Diva”. Each snowboard has its own personality, and its own character so women have a choice. Women riders today don’t settle for less so we’re giving them more.

Their focus: For years Diva Snowboards have watched women riders in snowboarding be overlooked. Diva Snowboards are inspired by women who want a choice for a great snowboard. These aren’t men’s boards painted pink, like most of Diva’s competition. These are women’s boards first and foremost.

Diva Snowboards is located in San Diego California. The name Diva was chosen for all of the women riders who know what they want in a board. “Don’t ride a boys board, Ride Diva”. www.divasnowboards.com