Diva Becomes Venus Snowboards

In an effort to restructure and take the company international, Diva Snowboards has decided to change names to Venus Snowboards. After market research, consumer feedback and legal counsel, we’ve decided to change from Diva Snowboards to Venus Snowboards. Venus Snowboards affords us an instant international identity that women in any country understand. This is a normal stepping stone for a growing company and will make us even more focused on women’s snowboards. Venus Snowboards, just for women, are available for the 2003/2004 winter season.

Venus Snowboards will release its new clothing line October 2003. The new line features hoodies, shirts, beanies, hats, and accessories. Venus Clothing will be available at www.venussnowboards.com and select retailers.

Venus Snowboards are exclusively available at Rock’er Board Shop, 12204 Venice Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90066 (310) 397-8300

Our Focus:

For years we’ve watched the women riders in snowboarding overlooked by a male dominated industry. Our inspiration has been from those women who want a choice in the design of snowboards they ride. These are women’s snowboards first and foremost. We don’t make surfboards and flip flops and accessories and then sell snowboards on the side. We’re totally committed to women’s snowboards.

Our Commitment to our Retailers:

We’re committed to making quality women’s snowboards but more importantly we provide quality service to our retailers. We’ve seen this business evolve from small business to a corporate rate race. The big corporate snowboard companies have forgotten about the small retailers who built this business. They pass along narrower profit margins and expect more in return. We go the extra mile to help our retailers with onsite product demonstrations, joint local marketing campaigns, and personalized customer support. And we even return your phone calls. We’re building our business on small business. That’s what sets us apart.

“Don’t ride a boy’s board, Ride Venus”.

Web address: www.venussnowboards.com

E-mail: info@venussnowboards.com