Distributor Drops Boeri, Refocuses On Leedom

MPH Associates Refocuses Efforts to Promote Endorphin Enterprises d.b.a. Leedom InternationalIndustry Leader changes Product Mix

Norwood Ma, January 7, 2004. — In a surprise development, MPH Associates announced today that as of 1/1/2004 the company would no longer be distributing the well known Boeri brand of Italian ski helmets. Marc Hauser, President of MPH Associates Inc. commented “I am very proud of my personal contributions for Boeri, as well as those of all the professionals within my organization over the past 15 years. It is particularly satisfying to me that MPH has developed such a strong product category with such positive effects for the dealer base and the ski and snowboarding population. This development is prompted by competitive influences and uncontrollable obstacles, namely the unprecedented strengthening of the Euro compared to the US dollar. In response, the Italian manufacturer has announced the formation of a new U.S. subsidiary; Boeri USA to sell its products direct to U.S. retailers.

Boeri Sport Srl of Italy and MPH Associates Inc. agree that a wind down period to facilitate a smooth transition is in the best interest of all concerned. The goal through this short term will be for MPH to provide our dealer base with the same high quality of customer service and support as they have become accustomed to. It is important to note that over the past 15 years MPH has built and evolved the infrastructure necessary to raise the Boeri brand to the market leader position it has enjoyed for many years. Grass root promotions, Consumer awareness campaigns, award winning advertising, athlete endorsements and National event sponsorships are all means that MPH has used historically to build the Boeri reputation in the US market.

Since 1997 MPH has further contributed to the development of the wintersport helmet category by supporting the development and refinement of an affiliated company, Endorphin Enterprises Inc. d.b.a. Leedom International. The Leedom helmet line is the recipient of the coveted Du Pont “Brand New award in 2002 and has since introduced three new models on the world-wide market. Two additional new models will be unveiled this year at SIA. Leedom’s product development group has been focused on expansion of the product line for the past 24 months in an effort to bring an all encompassing program to the market for the 04.05 season.

It is only fitting that the organization responsible for pioneering the wintersport helmet category in the U.S. will continue to influence the market with another brand seen as a leader in head protection. In this highly competitive category it is essential to provide and maintain the level of service dealers have come to rely on from the MPH infrastructure. The intent is to entice the MPH dealer base to take a close look at the Leedom product lineup and consider the complete package. Experience, Production Management, Unbeatable Customer Service, Marketing, Distribution, Fulfillment and Administrative services all housed under one roof in Norwood Ma.

MPH Associates Inc. and its president Marc Hauser have been widely credited with establishing the wintersport helmet category in the U.S., a product that 12 years ago was unknown in the market and did not exist in the minds of the U.S. consumer. As a direct result of the awareness created by the MPH marketing machine, wintersport specific helmets are one of the fastest growing product categories in the North American ski and snowboard market

MPH / EEI will also continue to offer our other brands, including Eurosled, the fine line of children sled products and Hot Gear Bag, the revolutionary heated luggage program. For Information on this Press release or any of these products please call 800.394.6741