Dirksen Derby Photo Recap

Mt. Bachelor, Oregon hosted the 2010 Dirksen Derby. The derby combines multiple snowboarding skills including speed, clean lines, technical turns, and holding edges through rutted berms. Dirksen described the race as a “parallel slalom,” where riders race down both courses and combine the times for the win. There were multiple divisions including the Men’s Elite, Splitboard, Women’s, and grom’s.

Josh Dirksen testing the course. Photo: Abe Blair

The two day event went off without a hitch, except maybe Ryland Bell pushing himself a little too hard and ending up on ski patrol’s oxygen. “That race was harder than any Deeper hike the last two years,” Bell said. Austin Smith came out on top for the Men’s Elite division, while Ashley Thorton represented the ladies. All proceeds of the event went to seriously injured friend and snowboarder Tyler Eklund who was paralyzed in a snowboarding accident during USASA Nationals in 2007. Photos: Abe Blair

Scotty Whittlake smoking Austin Smith out of the gate. Photo: Abe Blair

Ryland Bell in 3rd, Josh Dirksen standing in for Allister Schultz 2nd "Allister had to get back to being a dad", and Austin Smith in 1st. PHOTO: Abe Blair

Jason McAlister testing one of the tighter banked turns. PHOTO: Abe Blair

Josh sending off a pair of groms on day one. PHOTO: Abe Blair

Custom one of a kind Spark R&D bindings for the winner of the splitboard race and “handmade” trophies. PHOTO: Abe Blair

Local shred Chris “Jamo” Jameson had a height advantage coming out of the starting gate. Is that really an advantage? PHOTO: Abe Blair


Scotty Whittlake versus Austin Smith. Place your bets. (Okay, Austin won …) PHOTO: Abe Blair

The man behind all of the great art work (and some berm work from the looks of it) for the Dirksen Derby, Adam Haynes took first in the Splitboard race and third in the Elite race. Photo: Abe Blair

Josh Stoked at the top of the course.

Josh Dirksen and Jason McAlister side by side, not since the Whitey days. PHOTO: Abe Blair

Bryan Fox taking his mulligan run hoping to break into the top three spots. PHOTO: Abe Blair

Curtis Csizek gliding through the berms. PHOTO: Abe Blair

Jake Price out of the gate early in the day racing to a second place in the Elite division. PHOTO: Abe Blair

More than 150 riders made it out for the two day event! PHOTO: Abe Blair

The splitboard podium: Dan McCoy in 3rd, Adam Haynes in 1st, and Ryland Bell in 2nd. PHOTO: Abe Blair

Josh and the star of the weekend Tyler Eklund with his dad getting his first place glove trophy. PHOTO: Abe Blair

The girls podium! Ashley Thorton in 1st, Sally Fox in 2nd, and Devyn Schnake in 3rd. PHOTO: Abe Blair

Ryland Bell pushed himself so hard during the splitboard race he had to get carted down to ski patrol and put on oxygen. He joked, "That race was harder than any Deeper hike the last two years."

The Elite podium: Jake Price in 2nd, Adam Haynes in 3rd, and Curtis Ciszek in 1st. PHOTO: Abe Blair

Ryland Bell 3rd, Allister Schultz 2nd "Allister had to get back to being a dad", Austin Smith 1st

Austin thought racing in a t-shirt might shave some time off of his run. It got him 1st place overall in the Mens race. PHOTO: Abe Blair

Scotty Whittlake smoking Austin out of the gate. PHOTO: Abe Blair

Josh Dirksen testing the course. PHOTO: Abe Blair