Photos: HCSC Photo Workshop Campers

Words: Jessica Harja

Summer isn't complete without a trip to High Cascade Snowboard Camp. Include the Photo Workshop and it becomes unforgettable. From meeting professional riders, to participating in competitions, to networking within the industry, the Photo Workshop places it’s campers in a prime spot to make awesome imagery and be exposed to rad opportunities.

One of those opportunities came knocking when the Double Quarterpipe Invitational—AKA the Merrill Mini Pipe Invitational—rolled into Mount Hood. Hosted by Mr. Merrill himself and the good people at HCSC, the MMPI means a day of trick-packed fun.

Not going to lie; seeing all of the riders who showed up—in person,—was an experience from a dream. Ben and Gabe Ferguson were sending it along with Danny Davis, Scott Stevens, the Warbington brothers, and so many others. It still feels like none of it really happened. But, it did. There's photo proof. From 17 photo campers.

Before the contest, some of us were trying to figure out what exactly a "double quarterpipe" was going to look like. Turns out the event took place on a feature-filled mini pipe. Two quarters make a half. Despite the lack of an elaborate build we expected for the event, Bode Merrill noted with relief that the invitational "went amazing," especially in comparison to what could have happened. The friendly "summer after summer" reunion of riders brought with it a sense of camaraderie not found at all snowboard competitions.

Don't expect to find the results here though. Sadly for us interns, local bar Charlie's is hosting the awards show in forty minutes. Sounds amazing. Except we can't make it 'cause there's an in-class photo critique, and most of us are regrettably not 21. Believe me though, it was incredible and everyone was rippin'.

As an intern who has gone through the Photo Workshop a couple of times, it has been an honor to work amongst the professional riders, instructors, and staff here at High Cascade. On behalf of the Photo Workshop campers, I'd like to thank everyone who helped create this incredible experience. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.


I have no idea. Check somewhere else.

Editor's Note: We've got the results. They're below.

1. Max Warbington

2. Mike Ravelson

3. Danny Davis

Girl: Amanda Hankison

Best Flip: JD Dennis

Best Plant: Danny Davis

Best Grab: Ralph Kucharek

Eat Shit Award:  Ben Ferguson

Biggest Air:  Gabe Ferguson

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