Nick Julius hucks one.  PHOTO: Russell Kaczmar

Nick Julius hucks one. PHOTO: Russell Kaczmar

Fabulous, magic contest day. Sunny, very important factor. They ran the girls an hour early this morning due to a typo on the schedule. We missed most of it their action. But, the big story of today’s slopestyle prelims was Torstein Horgmo. Tor posted the highest slopestyle score ever in the short history of Winter Dew. Some sweet 10s and stuff that added up to 95.67 Wow—Do the Dew, Torstein! That scored edged out the always explosive Chaz Guldemond, who is sitting in second for Sunday’s main event. Andreas Wiig has a mean switch back 9 and he used that and more to climb out of ninth place to land in the 3rd place spot for the final—Wiig posted a solid score on his second run. Halldór Helgason stacked on a double-cork attempt trying to break through the bubble for a spot in the final—guess we’ll see him in Mount Snow, Vermont at stop 3. The top 3 from the Breck stop—Tyler Flanagan, Sage Kotsenburg, and Eric Willett were all pre-qualed and didn’t have chuck today. The course looked a bit tight, but the riders seemed undeterred by the jump line which allows very little room for recovery on deep or sketchy landings. Riders were sending it deep on the second jump and this seemed to throw a few people off. Torstein said the rails were “kind of silly” but he and nobody else seemed to have much trouble with ’em. Wyatt Caldwell and Ian Thorley both rode strong but were squeezed out of the 9-man cut. A Side note: as always, the New Hampshire kids—most of them Waterville Valley riders—are populating the field by a ratio of about two-to one. Granite State rocks—just sprayin’!

Prelim Slopestyle Results Women

1. Jenny Jones

2. Spencer O’Brien

3. Kimmy Fasani

4. Megan Ginter

5. Kjersti Buaas

Prelim Slopestyle Results Men

1. Torstein Horgmo

2. Chaz Guldemond

3. Andreas Wiig

4. Sam Hulbert

5. Brandon Reis