Dew Tour Snow Basin

Andreas Wiig blasting the gap. Photo: Russell Kaczmar

Perfect weather day—again—and the riders charged. Snowbasin Dew Tour Slopestyle finals went down early with decent sized crowd and all sorts of gnar' trickery. Did anyone expect less? The women put on a hell of a show, definitely upping the riding level from the Breck stop of the tour. Spencer O'Brien, who got fourth in Colorado, stepped into first today with two stomped runs. The back five, and her badass switch back five to front five combo on the jump line settled it. She was feeling, "awesome" and stepped up the third jump in her second run, with a hefty front seven. Jenny Jones stomped front five, to Cab five to front seven for second place. Megan Ginter got third.

Yale Cousino started the men's division off with a hefty backside truckdriver ten. And they were off … Somehow the Norwegian duo of Andreas Wiig and Torstein Horgmo didn't make the podium today. Both riders fell at least once. Wiig was looking good with the rodeo nine to switch back nine to front ten sequence but that was as good as it got for him. The podium ended with Sage Kotsenburg in third—he nailed Cab nine, back ten double, to front ten in his first run. Kid's not scared to chuck the twelve, either. In second place today, following strong on his first place in Breck, was the amazingly talented Tyler Flanagan. His full run went like this: switch boardslide to front board on the kink, gap Cab 270, first jump cab nine, back 10 double, front 10, and on the last tube-rail thingy, a 50-50 to back three out. Tyler also had the best style on the rails, to beef it up. Chas Guldemond won it. After posting a huge score in his first run, Chuck-G went for the 1440. You will want to see the video for this one. A lot of solid riding went down today, this is just the short and dirty version. Hope it's enough for you. And so, that's it for a very extreme weekend in Utah. Next stop, the Dew Tour finals at Mount Snow, Vermont. Smell ya, there.

For full results of today's slopestyle finals, go HERE.


1 Charles Guldemond 95.25
2 Tyler Flanagan 93.75
3 Sage Kotsenburg 92.50
4 Eric Willett 90.00
5 Andreas Wiig 88.00
6 Torstein Horgmo 85.75
7 Ulrik Badertscher 80.00
8 Brandon Reis 75.25
9 Madison Ellsworth 70.00
10 Yale Cousino 51.00
11 Nick Poohachoff 40.50
12 Sam Hulbert 34.00
1 Spencer O’Brien 91.00
2 Jenny Jones 86.75
3 Megan Ginter 80.00
4 Jamie Anderson 60.00
5 Kjersti Østgaard Buaas 54.50
6 Kimberly Fasani 35.50