Dew Tour Mount Snow Slopestyle Prelim

We're at Mount Snow, in Vermont now—it's freezing! The third and final stop of the Winter Dew Tour is on, we've almost reached the apex—this is the weekend that will end it all—and what better place than one  the East Coast's best parks? Yes, Mount Snow's Carinthia is the venue and coming hot on the heels of the XGames, the riders are on point. Today was the Slopestyle Qualifiers. After a tight course at the second Dew Tour stop in Utah, the good fellas of SPT have teamed up with Carinthia's Park Rangers to make a solid course. XGames slopestyle gold medalist and today's 1st place qualifier Jenny Jones said, "I think a lot of the ladies were a bit overwhelmed when we first saw the course." But Jenny was on. The 3rd place qualifier Jamie Anderson said, "I almost died up there." Yeah, the slope course is legit, the jumps are big … It should be a good fight this weekend for the women.

Torstein Horgmo qualed in 3rd after getting a re-run when on his first run there was a ski (yes, one single ski) sitting on the takeoff of the Toyota truck jib. Luckily he missed the ski and recouped to make the final. Ulrick Badertscher was one spot in front of Tor and 1st on the docket was Breckenridge ripper Eric Willet. Halldór Helgason didn't make, but the final is gonna be tight with four Waterville dudes: Brandon Reis, Sam Hulbert, Ian Thorley, and young buck Nick Julius. Add the pre-qualed Chaz Guldemond and the Granite State’s best shred program, WVA has five of the ten dudes in the final. Young guns Sage Kotsenburg and Tyler Flanagan are pre-qualed in, too. Chuck G said, "It's East Coast, baby! The snow is fast and alot of the riders are from here, so you know the east coast kids are gonna do well in the final," he added, "SPT did a sick job on the course, I've never seen jumps so good in Vermont." Hey, that's a good vote for tomorrow's final—come back and check out the action here.

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