Dew Tour Breckenridge Slopestyle Finals

Video by Justin Gunson

Totino’s Open


Tyler Flanagan hammered the course all day. Photo: Russell Kaczmar

The first stop of the Winter Dew Tour wrapped up today with the Slopestyle Finals for both the men and women. It was another perfect weather day and some hellish riding went down. On top of that, TV announcers were wrangling kids for chug-a-Dew contests to win free O-Matic boards. Dew Tour is wild. Last night the scene in Breck was some sort of mutated Spring Break blowout. Anyway …

Not the most epic of days for the ladies slopestyle final, though some sick riding went down in practice. All the ladies in the final fell in their runs—but third place finisher Jenny Jones spun some back-to-back fives. In second came Sarka Pancochova. Sharky—as her team manager called her, said she was both "happy and sad." Happy to get second and sad that she didn't stick her front seven or beat today's winner Jamie Anderson. Jamie settled the win for the ladies with a switch backside 540.

Definitely dynamic shredding in the men's final. Two sixteen year-old kids end up on the podium from a field that included the likes of Scotty Lago, Heikki Sorsa, Torstein Horgmo, and Chaz Guldemond. The sun shined on the course all day long, but too bad the men's final started at three. It's hard not to think an earlier start would have been better for the riders. By the time the second runs came, the slopestyle course was completely in the shade.

That was no problem for Eric Willett who dumped the double rodeo as well as multiple 10s. Local boy on the podium in the third spot—solid. Sixteen year old Sage Kotsenburg rode solid all day, absolutely chucking himself. Mean switch backside ten. Really consistent—posted a 90 in the first run and held his spot throughout the final—2nd place for a high school kid who qualified all the way up from the OQ. Cinderella story. Had to say it.

Tyler Flanagan—today was his. After gunning laps all through practice, Tyler dropped in and stuck the cleanest run of the weekend. His jump line was Cab 9, Back 10, Front 10 and rounded out with tech rail tricks. No one else could touch him. He owned it. The sun went down, end of story.

Wuddups: Sam Hulbert front 10, Brandon Reis back 9, Halldór Helgason front 10 Double-cork, Torstein Horgmo switch back 12, Chaz Guldemond back 12, Heikki almost double-backy.

1 Tyler Flanagan 93.00
2 Sage Kotsenburg 90.00
3 Eric Willett 87.50
4 Torstein Horgmo 86.00
5 Halldór Helgason 85.50
6 Brandon Reis 83.75
7 Charles Guldemond 74.25
8 Sam Hulbert 62.50
9 Mikkel Bang 56.00
10 Scotty Lago 53.50
11 Heikki Sorsa 50.75
12 Stef Zeestraten 41.75
1 Jamie Anderson 92.00
2 Sarka Panc 80.25
3 Jenny Jones 67.50
4 Spencer O’Brien 42.75
5 Janna Meyen-Weatherby 40.75
6 Shelly Gotlieb 38.00

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