Dew Tour Breckenridge Slopestyle Finals

Torstein Horgmo

Torstein Horgmo

Heavy late-night action on the dancefloors of Breck led right into Sunday's slope finals. It was a much better day of competition today for the Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle event Breckenridge, Colorado. Dumping snow, poor visibility, and speed issues still challenged riders, but the contest definitely went off and some serious amping on the part of the riders made up for the weather's BS. The women's heat ran first and their final was chock full of knuckles and almost-landed tricks. Highlights of the short and brutal two-run heat were Klaudia Medlova blasting a backside rodeo. Unfortunately she didn't make it all the way around and knuckled, landing 90 on her heels. Gnarly! Cheryl Maas was throwing big backside seven tails but failed to set one down. She did however put enough of a run together for a 3rd place. Charlotte Van Gils ended in second; Jamie Anderson won, again.

Jamie Anderson

Jamie Anderson

Jamie linked together a back one, switch back one, back three, front corked three combo. In between the jumps she stayed clean and smooth on the rails. Her corked front three looked like it might turn into a five—it was all lazy and crooked and she said, "I was praying in the air." She stuck and the run won her the contest. Even with the win clinched, she tried to stick the Cab seven in her second run, but no dice.


Women’s Podium

Scotty Lago

Scotty Lago

The men's final was ridiculous. Scotty Lago started his runs front 180 ollieing the close out Burlington High rail feature. Torstein was doing lipslides on it. Most everyone else just gapped out and slid the end. But on the jumps, the contest was pure mayhem; so many doubles. Lago fired the switch back rodeo double. McMorris double backy. Doubles all day. Young bucks Seb Toutant, Sage Kotsenburg and Tyler Flanagan, all tour faves, all seemed off their game today. Could've been anything: wax, speed, goggle lens… seriously. Forum's Alek Østreng charged and set down some clean combos, like front ten double to back nine. So did local boy Eric Willet. He tried to pack three doubles into one run and came so close.

Chas Guldemond

Chas Guldemond

Ultimately, the podium came down to Chas Guldemond in 3rd. His high scoring run included a backside rodeo, a Cab twelve double, a switch back nine, and a back ten double. Canada's young sensation Mark McMorris got second. He had a gnarly run with a Cab nine double, a double backflip, and a front ten double. McMorris is going to keep crushing, absolutely no doubt about it. The winner was Torstein Horgmo. He destroyed. Dominated. No, he did not break out the triple. Didn’t need to. Are you really still reading this? Go watch the video.

Mark McMorris

Mark McMorris


Women's Results

1.    Jamie Anderson

2.    Charlotte Van Gils

3.    Cheryl Maas

4.    Enni Rukajärvi

5.    Rebecca Torr

6.    Klaudia Medlova


Men's Results

1.    Torstein Horgmo

2.    Mark McMorris

3.    Chas Guldemond

4.    Tyler Flanagan

5.    Jeremy Thompson

6.    Alek Østreng

7.    Eric Willett

8.    Scott Lago

9.    Sebastien Toutant

10. Staale Sandbech

11. Sage Kotsenburg

12. Robbie Walker